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Hi, I'm Hoko. Yes, that's my real name, the name I was born with. And no, I'm not japanese or chinese!! I am 100% vietnamese, the reason why my name is Hoko is because my parents gave it to me when I was born in Hong Kong. See the similarity? Anyways, welcome to my blog! I'm a vegan, but also believe in raw foodism. I also like to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. And being vegan definitely contributes to that, but many other factors of my lifestyle also do too. For example, I like to never throw anything away, I always like to recycle and decompose so nothing ever goes to the landfill. I have dreams of living in a toxin free and non-polluted city!! Where we are still gentle to nature yet still able to have technology.

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  1. Hi,
    Thought this would be appreciated @ LivingFloraBuildings.blogspot.com. It is a collection of images and digital artwork connected to ideas like Arborsmithing and the FabTreeHab or Fabricated Tree Habitat. Working on an associated story looking to collaborate with vegan writers and illustrators. Thinking on adding an edible ecosystem section and one on phytoncides. Also looking for funding for the project…