Friday, May 16, 2014

Meadows park

Aah.. I just love Mother Nature! I got to see some beautiful ducks and a white swan! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Raw foodist house dream

I really think that all these houses with all the same old doors and stairs are just plain ol' boring. Never mind mansions, I always dreamt of being able to build your own house! You know, since I am planning on going raw forever, who needs an oven, stove or a microwave?! Well, definitely not me!


#1, You could be using the extra space for more things.

You can count on me to be eating cold tofurkey pizza (vegan)! I did an experiment on myself where I basically ate the cold pizza first because I didn't want to wait 15 whole minutes for the conventional oven to bake it for me. And I never like to use the microwave, too. So, I ate it cold. It was delicious! Or maybe I was just too hungry... I don't know. I ate a few slices then put the rest into the oven (it's a small one). It didn't taste as good as cold and I figured I'm never baking tofurkey pizza again. This just gives me even more reason to not get an oven.

No more ovens!

Message to raw foodists about imported fruits and vegetables

... they are irradiated by the government in the United States!

I find out one day while reading a book called Don't Throw It, Grow It!: 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scraps. It told me that you couldn't grow from seeds that were irradiated because it changes it's DNA making it unable to grow. It's like cooking it! I never knew that and decided to do more research about what irradiation is. The reason why they do is because some people got sick from eating imported fruits and vegetables. 

So I looked it up and well what do you know, the organic consumers website says that it is very harmful. Here is the link: First line states, "...breaking up molecules and creating free radicals." Now that is definitely not natural. 

I couldn't find much videos about raw food and irradiation on youtube, but I did manage to find one by OkRaw. Typical, this well-known raw foodist makes all kinds! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

List of Asian Raw Foodists

I haven't seen too many asian raw foodists so I'm going to create a list of them. I have only seen two so far that are well-known... but I am sure that there are others out there. Like me, of course! Hahah, and I will tell you where I found them.

1. Ani Phoyo (youtube, popular raw food books, her website)
2. Jennifer Mcclelland (Chinese; graduated from living light culinary school)

That's all I have seen for now. I will update when I research more raw asian foodists.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Orgonite and olive oil as mold releaser, doesn't work

Early up in the morning to make orgonite! Totally in the mood. Well what do you know, today, I was actually out early in the morning before 8 am. It was only 7:30 and I was already driving my car on the way to the store and post office to look for some supplies to make my orgonite. I was inspired to make more orgonite when 2 of my panda bear orgonite sold, which I have already shipped today. But, I will need my orgonite to actually get out of the mold when I need them to. So...

What I needed to get was a spray bottle so I could make my own nonstick spray. The eco-friendly one at the Sprouts store was a bit on the pricey side, and as a college student, you will definitely need to save up on the cash. Since I already have some olive oil that's not even olive oil, I decided I will use that to just spray onto my metal molds to make orgonite! I am using my old olive oil because I like to use for just other stuff and real olive oil for my own health and cosmetics. I found a nice recipe for your own homemade nonstick cooking spray using olive oil on Pinterest. Looks legit... and who can complain when all you need is a $1 spray bottle and some leftover olive oil you already have at home? The recipe calls for just 1 part olive and 5 parts water. Simple x3! Haha...

Anyways, I am beat for today, I spent some family time with my mom, sister and little brother at our shop in Pearland instead. And unfortunately, I also have some final exam reviewing to be done which will take HOURS=DAYS. So, I guess I won't be able to start making orgonite until this week, Saturday.

To be continued...

Ok I finally made them! 

Sigh, my experiment didn't work out very well... The olive oil spray didn't work! Maybe just a little, I got one out, and even more weird, there's some white stuff on it, probably because of the olive oil. I might as well get an actual mold releaser.

:(, I will definitely use more cure. At least I have more experience!! :) I just gotta figure out how to remove all that nasty leftover orgonite. Maybe I will just leave in the sun and see what happens? ... Nope I'm going to have to use acetone.