Monday, December 22, 2014

Plastic free laptops

I'm pretty sure plastic free laptops don't exist. I searched everywhere but they all have the same plastic keyboard. Even Apple does. 

Recycled wine corks

There's a lot of alternatives to plastic that I have found online. These include plastic recycled wine corks that you can use for bottles instead of disposable plastic caps.

This is what I would be using to seal bottles instead of plastic caps you get from stores.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Going plastic free

For a long time, after watching Beth Terry and being educated about 'plastic pollution' due to internet media and newspapers... I decided to cut back on my plastic pollution. But I still did not really think about it and thought that all that plastic could be recycled. However, as I was taking my English College class for my Fall 2014 semester... I realized that it wasn't completely true. See, my topic was about plastic pollution because I knew that it was a very toxic substance because it isn't natural and made from oil that belongs in the ground. My basic knowledge was that plastic took 20+ years to biodegrade and that it should be recycled. Unfortunately, this was just a back up marketing tool for them to make us use more plastic and 'recycle' it. As I started to research my topic for my essay on what should be done on plastic pollution... I found out that plastic actually lasts forever and doesn't biodegrade at all. Worst of all, most plastics can't be recycled as only a small percentage of all the plastic in the world that goes to the recycle centers are recycled. You can read more about this on my essay I did in class here. So after I found out about all this knowledge, I re-watched the lecture of Beth Terry in the Plastic Pollution Coalition. I realized why she did all these things now. I now plan on being completely plastic free and hope to find some products and post them here so you guys can have a chance to be plastic free also. I will be on a hunt for plastic free items. Beth Terry also has her blog called which also offers tons of plastic free products. For now I have one product that you can easily get without plastic today.

Dozenegg Harold Import Glass Citrus Juicer, Clear - I am proud to say that I have purchased this and it had come plastic free, including the packaging tape! I love this juicer and the juice that comes out of it has no usual toxic chemicals in it compared to those nasty plastic juicers.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Disposable Plastic Bubble Tea Straws... not environmentally friendly

I own a tapioca shop down in Pearland, Texas and that requires buying those Bubble Tea straws that you see online for wholesale. I realized that yes, they may help you run your business and make bubble tea or smoothies... but it can also ruin the environment. I noticed that I couldn't find any information about compostable smoothie straws. Wait a minute, never mind I just found some. They are actually called 'Jumbo Straws' ... not smoothie straws. But the even bigger ones for tapioca (bubble tea) probably don't have compostable versions. Yeah, just a did a google search for 'compostable bubble tea straws' and the results didn't come up with any legit 'compostable' ones. They do they biodegradeable... but how do you know if they are COMPOSTABLE. The best thing I can do is get the smoothie straws.