Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cardboard boxes reused!

So while painting, I was getting annoyed with having to reach over to dip my brush in water and holding a palette all the time. I thought about getting a table just to have a place to put my palette and water bowl but figured that will cost some money. So I figured that there had to be something around and what do ya know, stacking cardboard boxes one on top of each other is a really great idea! And in my opinion, it gives my space an artsy feeling to it with all those labels on the boxes anyway. Especially, "fragile" hahaha! This is great because it fits underneath my easel, where the easel is taking up some room space; I live with my family so I'll want to have space in my room for other stuff. Who knows what will happen if I put it outside of my room?

I am trying to figure out how to store my paint bottles and other supplies without having to pay anything. Not to mention all the other stuff in my cluttered drawers too. But at least it's not all over my room.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tshirt refashion

So now that I have my own sewing machine, I can do a lot of stuff with all these ugly clothes, no offense. XD, so this is going to be the 2nd clothing I ever started to make in my whole entire life. Note, that I have learned to sew, but without a sewing machine... I didn't need any tutorial for this because i am just simply smart with geometry! Haha jk but srsly tho o.o, . 
So, I was thinking about donating all these Tshirts I had but ten I realized that would be a waste of money when you can use the fabric to practice sewing. I especially didn't want to give this one away because I really like this type of artwork, and redesigning the shirt would make it just wonderful!

What I did was outline my favorite tee shirt on the overmatched tshirt to make it fit me! I left 1 inch so I could I have space to sew it together. Ignore the blue line, I messed up. 

Then, what I did was fold it in half and cut of the outline.

Then, the same for the sleeves.

Turn the shirt inside out and pin together the sides to sew... Leaving holes for the arms.

Sew together the sides of the torso.

Voila. Sorry about the orange thread, it's the only color I have. But it's no problem cuz it can only be seen on the inside.

Now for the tricky part... The sleeves. I unfortunately messed up on that... So ... ITS GOING TO BE A TANK TOP NOW.

I outlined where I want the tank top to be. 

Fold in half and cut for the neckline, leaving an inch to sew.

Arm holes are a bit tricky.

Finished cutting outline.

Pin the sides for hem and get ready to sew.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is being naughty and keeps knotting up so, it shall be continued...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What happened to my laptop

So if you read my last blog post, I did get to buy me a laptop, unfortunately, I used financial aid and not real money. But, you can pay it off. Anyways, I really wanted a laptop that had at least 8 gb of ram, slim, lightweight, windows 8, 13 in (ultra book... Nice for traveling and playing games at same time) touchscreen, is a tablet and have plenty of hard drive space. But the ones that weren't black were on the pricey side, for example the white one is at least 1,200 dollars. I could only get something that's less than 800 dollars. So, I figured Id rather the working parts over the looks, as that is what matters anyway. Which is why I got a win 8 lenovo intel i7 touchscreen twist able tablet 8gb ram 13.3 in screen! Except, it's black and red ... But I don't mind especially when's it's got everything I want! I do need a powerful laptop because I run a lot of programs that need a lot of power. The god thing is, when it is the light, it is slightly purple... And the cover is quite velvety. I have added some pics the day I first got it (unboxing). 

So yea. Pretty awesome. I also managed to get me the screen protector and a nice case. I also got me a nice wireless mouse for it. 

Anyways, as you can see it is partly red... But since I believe having red and black together is evil I like to think of it as more red orange. I don't think that type of color is totally red. Another plus for me.

Edit: I really shouldnt have bought it. I should have listened to my dad, who said I should return it right away. I forgot that I had to get one with a dedicated graphics card. It only has integrated. The graphics card makes a huge difference when you're gaming. I didn't really notice until the moment I started to play Life Is Strange. 

Worse still, I had an episode and knocked my one piece of furniture, a closet, down which cracked my laptop. It doesn't matter because it still works like new. Just cosmetic damage to the ports and case. I want to sell it though. Not because of the damage but because of I barely use the powerful laptop. It's an ultrabook, which does powerful things than just using a browser or watching videos. And I felt like it was missing the gaming capability that I was going to get in a better desktop gaming computer where I can also use memory consuming applications like Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro. I could just buy a cheaper laptop dedicated to browsers and videos. And I mean 4GB ram ones. Like:

It's got a ton of great reviews. And super cheap. However, I know I won't be able to edit any videos on the go. But that's why I can just travel back home to do it. 

Thanks to economy... 😅

In college now...

That's it! I took drugs back in October and actually didn't stop until Late December. This is because I was going through a personal crisis and needed to stop the schizophrenia because it was interfering with my life. I couldn't do anything I truly wanted and did things because of the voices. Well, now everything is as normal as they felt like before I was crazy. Unfortunately, when I'm not taking the Meds, I seem to be less supressed and you know,.. Lol. Anyways, lots of things happened. I stopped seeing the guy I met from pof everyday last month and I feel great. Also, I finally got my DL and get to drive the Camry back in early January because I needed it for school. Anyways, the big reason why I'm happy is because I have an iphone 5 which makes life so much easier. I get a gps, music, all these apps and internet! If I ever needed a recipe, all I had to do was pull it out and there it was. :). Even better.... Ever since I got financial aid, I was able to get me my own powerful ultra book laptop!!! It's perfect!!! And I bought it myself! I'm so happy. Then, I could finally get me the "necessities" such as an easel, a sewing machine, fabric scissors and etc. but yea that's pretty much it...

Anyways, I'm sitting in class waiting for it to start ... 29 more minutes. And nobody's here except for me. Tsk tsk. Hehhehee, -.- I'm so tired! I finished about half of my math review for exam 3 already!! Couldn't do anymore lol. Oh! And someone finally came in. Yay! That's makes 2 of us! HOLY MOLY! I just remembered for the -----th time today, I have a presentation to do on my career choice. I think I will do better today cause I also had to do another presentation yesterday for my psychology class. Except... I was laughing a lot and messed up a bit. But this time, I won't use a paper and just read what is on my PowerPoint. :))) . I'm a bit nervous!!! Sigh.