Monday, December 22, 2014

Plastic free laptops

I'm pretty sure plastic free laptops don't exist. I searched everywhere but they all have the same plastic keyboard. Even Apple does. 

Recycled wine corks

There's a lot of alternatives to plastic that I have found online. These include plastic recycled wine corks that you can use for bottles instead of disposable plastic caps.

This is what I would be using to seal bottles instead of plastic caps you get from stores.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Going plastic free

For a long time, after watching Beth Terry and being educated about 'plastic pollution' due to internet media and newspapers... I decided to cut back on my plastic pollution. But I still did not really think about it and thought that all that plastic could be recycled. However, as I was taking my English College class for my Fall 2014 semester... I realized that it wasn't completely true. See, my topic was about plastic pollution because I knew that it was a very toxic substance because it isn't natural and made from oil that belongs in the ground. My basic knowledge was that plastic took 20+ years to biodegrade and that it should be recycled. Unfortunately, this was just a back up marketing tool for them to make us use more plastic and 'recycle' it. As I started to research my topic for my essay on what should be done on plastic pollution... I found out that plastic actually lasts forever and doesn't biodegrade at all. Worst of all, most plastics can't be recycled as only a small percentage of all the plastic in the world that goes to the recycle centers are recycled. You can read more about this on my essay I did in class here. So after I found out about all this knowledge, I re-watched the lecture of Beth Terry in the Plastic Pollution Coalition. I realized why she did all these things now. I now plan on being completely plastic free and hope to find some products and post them here so you guys can have a chance to be plastic free also. I will be on a hunt for plastic free items. Beth Terry also has her blog called which also offers tons of plastic free products. For now I have one product that you can easily get without plastic today.

Dozenegg Harold Import Glass Citrus Juicer, Clear - I am proud to say that I have purchased this and it had come plastic free, including the packaging tape! I love this juicer and the juice that comes out of it has no usual toxic chemicals in it compared to those nasty plastic juicers.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Disposable Plastic Bubble Tea Straws... not environmentally friendly

I own a tapioca shop down in Pearland, Texas and that requires buying those Bubble Tea straws that you see online for wholesale. I realized that yes, they may help you run your business and make bubble tea or smoothies... but it can also ruin the environment. I noticed that I couldn't find any information about compostable smoothie straws. Wait a minute, never mind I just found some. They are actually called 'Jumbo Straws' ... not smoothie straws. But the even bigger ones for tapioca (bubble tea) probably don't have compostable versions. Yeah, just a did a google search for 'compostable bubble tea straws' and the results didn't come up with any legit 'compostable' ones. They do they biodegradeable... but how do you know if they are COMPOSTABLE. The best thing I can do is get the smoothie straws.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Biodegradeable toilet brush cleaners

 I realized that I could replace the plastic "disposable" toilet brush cleaners for biodegradeable ones. I mean, I don't think throwing away those plastic brushes to the earth is very good for the earth. And recycling them isn't a good idea either because there's nasty toilet poop all over it. Who would want that in our recycled plastic? Not me. So, replace them with biodegradeable ones. Biodegradeable and natural toilet brush cleaners are friendly to the environment and a contributes to health and well being. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I decided to join the raw food community

I did already join it but only for the forums. Now that I've caught up with my life, I wrote some pretty interesting stuff on my pages. It describes me so well I'm going to use it on my about me page. 

Here's a copy of my email. 

Your Personal has been added to our database at

Here is your account information:
UserID: ***********
Password: ***********
Name: Hoko
City: Houston 
State/Province: TX
Country: United States 
I eat: 50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Sex: female
Age: 19
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 100
Hair: Black with copper tint
Eyes: Dark brown
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: crafting with recycled stuff, researching raw veganism and toxic stuff, being spiritual
Description: I'm full vietnamese, born in Hong Kong but moved to sugar land and houston, tx when I was 3 so I didn't really remember much. I was a picky eater and didn't like to eat anything in my childhood. I also hated meat. I got addicted to sugar at an early age so all I would want is candy or "McDonald's". I was breast fed though so it's probably not all that bad. I was chubby up until age 8-9, I became almost anorexic like. I would always say I don't like food at all. However, as the days went on, and I had to eat at dinner time, I finally liked the one food that my mother cooked for me. It was made with a soup of wild grown leaves from our backyard. It was the only one I ever liked, even though it had rice, which I hated. Please note, that white rice isn't ideal for your health, there's scientific evidence. Including all these diseases in the world, were related to food. At that point, I started to like food and ate everything. Unfortunately I was indulging in too much soda, p
rocessed food, "peanut butter and strawberry jam" and all those trendy american foods. By the time it was high school and I had to wake up at 5-6 every morning without much sleep at night, my health took a huge toll. I wasn't too keen on going to the doctor either and was pretty educated about prescription drugs being dangerous without your doctors consent. I also knew that those "over the counter drugs" were not for kids too. So I tried some natural remedies, for some reason. At that time, I also became enlightened as I was realizing how the government was fake and how everything was a lie and that all these foods that they you are healthy, actually aren't. Some people say sugar isn't bad, should be in moderation, and some say that it is very bad. Well it all started to fit together like a puzzle piece and everything started to make sense. It also explained why I was such a picky eater and a vegetarian at an early age. I am thankful that my mom let me off on eating meat some days b
ut she still made me eat some meat though, which I had to consent to. please note that I'm not saying you should be vegan too, some people are different. There are many reasons why I became vegan. The first is due to my compassion for animals. "NOT YOUR MOM NOT YOUR MILK" male calves are killed right away from their mother for veal. Milk is meant for the babies, not you. I am thankful that I am breast fed, not so many other people were lucky, for example, my little brother (born in 2010) was breastfed due to my willingness but unfortunately also fed similac the rest of the time due to my mother not being able to produce enough milk. I was horrified... How could she just let it go like that. I told her milk is bad and that if you just naturally let the baby suck it was come. But something just tells me that she just didn't want to deal with the pain her own baby sucking on her nipples. The health of the baby child is destroyed just because my mother didn't want to breast feed him. Th
is is wrong and I will soon stand up for this. The second reason is for health, and many benefits of my future goals (saving environment and animals). The 3rd reason is because I wanted to heal. Raw food is the best way. 
Ideal Mate: Nothing personal... 
Personal Quote: Believe in the healing power of raw food!
Goals: Saving the planet, animals, and making the world less toxic one step at a time. 

Server Name:
Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1
Server Port:     80
Remote Host:
Remote IP Addr:
Remote Browser:  Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like ...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Awaiting for my items from yerdle

I'm expecting a hand vacuum and a brass door knob. Where to put brass door knob? Well I want to detox my bathroom first, if only it weren't for the toothpaste of Kim's it would be natural. I think I will try to detox my room though but that's like nearly impossible due to the fact that it uses extremely toxic paint! When I go in the room, I can definitely feel that something about the room is toxic, I'm guessing that the VOC's are off gassing from the green paint. And the fact that it's glossy makes it even worse. I heard about how glaze is full of toxic chemicals, like the ones you use to create things. Trust me, I've had my fair share of what is chemicals and what is natural. 

Cell phone buttons made out of orgonite for your iPhones and iPads

Alright, I'm looking for a mold for my cell phone button. That button where you press so that it opens up the home screen or whatever. Well I'm going to make a cell phone button that is orgonite. I'm wondering how to stick it on there though. And can orgonite really be that small? 

The front of the phone is really toxic. Don't get me started about the inside.  

A cell phone button made out of orgonite will be the best disguise ever  for something that was just meant to make it easier for people to reach a button or for aesthetics. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Green smoothie today!

After finding out about parasites, I was so scared I started to eat nothing greens all day. Ok well I didn't but I ate mostly greens... But I added a lot of greens today to my smoothie. And only 1 pear and 1 orange. All organic. It included 1 whole romaine lettuce, 2-3 leaves of kale, and a bunch of cilantro. Then I added about 4 heaping spoonfuls of some mesquite and maca powder to make it creamy. I'm getting tired of eating so many bananas. Sorry freelee! I still love them though. Another way to make them creamy without bananas or mango and etc. is to add about a handful of seeds or nuts of your choice. I like to use pumpkin seeds but you can use hemp, chia, cashews... Whatever. This is why I like to soak that amount of nuts before I go to sleep so I have fresh and soaked nuts during the day. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

My experience with the niacin flush

I searched online for some cures for schizophrenia (im unfortunately diagnosed with it) and a lot of people mentioned niacin. Well, If I take over 100mg of niacin at all I will have an very uncomfortable reaction to it. My skin will feel hot and itchy. Well, since I want to avoid the negative effects of schizophrenia I will definitely want to take a pill everyday. I spent a month taking 100mg of niacin a day and feel that I can now double it. Now I am taking 300mg a day and soon I will be taking 500mg. It's not working out very well. But it is much less noticeable when you take the pill while you are eating or right after you are eating something heavy. It's not easy though when you are on the raw food diet because even if I have a smoothie with the pill it will make my skin itchy. But you can try to have milk (vegan) and it will lessen the comfortableness. However, I like to be on the safe side and have my pill first thing in the morning, because I don't always like to eat first. I like to finish things (chores) before eating anything. In that case, I just have my glass of water and a pill. I have to endure it. At that point, I guess my survival skills just kicked in because I realized the reason why my skin was turning so red and itchy everytime even though I was on a clean diet. That reason is......... WAIT DON'T SAY IT.


That's right, even our clothes are treated with tons of chemicals! Your bed, just is full of poison. Ever heard of flame retardants? If so, then good. I even hear about how gas and plastic fumes come from cars, and I remember all the acrylic craft paint I leave in my... ahem.. bedroom. imagine breathing in that stuff everytime you sleep! 

After I couldn't stand the itchiness anymore I figured it out and took off all my clothes. (You can laugh.) Don't worry, I put them back on after the redness subsided. Anyways, I didn't even want to keep my underwear on, haha. and going outside helped. I started to clean out my closet and was shocked at the reason why my life was such a torture, it's because I had all these toxic fabrics in my closet! Polyester, rayon, nylon, you name it. They were in my bras too. One of the main reasons why so many women had breast cancer. I am so glad that I have this type of knowledge. And a lot of stuff that I bought for cheap on eBay were made of toxic material. These included the cheap no show panties, pink leggings, and satin bed sheets, all made in china. They were so toxic. I have ridded all of these.

I dumped them outside in a cardboard box. It was so toxic that my neighbors even stopped going outside to work on their project. They only worked away from it and I saw one person wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

Also, I kept only the ones I liked in plastic storage container outside of my bed room.

It did wonders for the quality of my health (life)! When I'm flushing from niacin, replacing my clothing will actually stop making me flush. Meaning that you have less toxins to get rid of. Which makes sense.

Edit: OH MY GOD. I can't believe this but, you never know what's really the problem until you look at yourself. What I mean is, I've been running around chasing away all the bad fabric and materials away when it's right in front of you! Yeah, I got rid of my polyester pillowcase and thought I would need a new one but what I really needed was a new pillow! As I was unboxing my new 100% cotton comforter and Egyptian cotton duvet cover, I decided to take a look at what material my pillow was made of and it was 100% polyester! I feel like my life is over. There goes my life! I think I remember getting these cheap toxic poisonous pillows from huge department stores like walmart or target. This is just cruel. This just furthers the fact that toxins are everywhere. 

Edit 2: Rayon may actually not be toxic. It may be made from natural materials.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tips on how to incorporate more raw vegan food in your diet

1. Have a glass of raw nut milk every day.
In order to prevent soaking too many nuts and letting them spoil, only soak as many as you think you will drink the next day.

2. Buy bananas every time you hit the store.
This makes sure that you will have ripe bananas available when you need it, rather than starving and waiting for them to ripen.

3. Add herbs to vegetables.
Buy herb plants and keep in an accessible area if possible.

4. Add sprouts, chopped.
This makes me feel like I'm eating grains when I'm actually have sprouts, just another alternative for cauliflower and variety.

5. Variety

Why is it so hard to stay on a raw food diet

It is actually harder than I thought to stay on a raw food diet. And it really is hard to get off my lazy butt and make raw food. Of course, you can eat unlimited raw fruits and vegetables, and especially vegetables. Why? Well, ...

1. You don't have to wait for them to ripen.
2. You can eat them anytime.
3. They are convenient to just grab out of the refrigerator.
4. Just chop them up and you got yourself a salad or whatever anyone can think of now a days.

Fruits are a totally different story though.
1. You have to wait for them to ripen.
2. You can't buy ripe fruit, even those that are labeled ripe aren't always ripe.
3. For those with a sweet tooth out there, of course eating nothing but fruit isn't the best way to stay raw because apparently leafy greens are on the raw food pyramid too, and at the 5th level while fruits are only on the 3rd level.

What happens when you don't feel like eating anything else but a banana and (berry, avocado, you name it) smoothie and your bananas aren't ripe?


You're stuck with vegetables. Which I don't mind of course, but for some one just starting out, that's a little bit on the tough side. So, yeah, I'm stuck with unripe, green bananas today. So, I decided to get some dairy free milk but I've heard that carragean(how do you spell it?) is pretty unhealthy and causes IBS and all these problems in your intestinal guts.

1. You have to soak them for 12 hours.
2. And when you do, you end up not eating/drinking them the next day.
3. And then more days pass by and all your nuts have spoiled.

The cycle just goes on and on.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

College decision

I have decided not to go to college anymore until I have a good reason why I want to go back. This is due to my experience with my current class I am taking

Besides, I need more time to think about things. My brain is not functioning properly and is causing my grade levels to drop. However, most dangerous of all is my emotional and physical health is in jeopardy too. 

Edit: I just read my own post and realized that my speech and grammar is failing on me. It is most likely that I am going back to my schizophrenic symptoms because it has been several months (since the beginning of the year) that have not taken the medicine for my illness. However, I am taking niacin so it is not as severe.

Anyways, I am taking environmental science for a class in college. And my professor said that we need pesticides. Unacceptable. I do agree that we do need pesticides for more food but I don't agree that we should be using them. As a person who has been consuming foods made with pesticides, my health has declined drastically. It is only when I eat organic (foods that are not made with pesticides or GMO's) that my health would return back to normal. 

When will people wake up?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I hate B's

I got a B on my History class. And these aren't really happy tears, they are sad. *crycrycry*

I wanted an A.

Of course, it was an online class and I was using google chrome to submit my essay that I wrote and tried so hard on. I thought it'd work but I totally didn't realize that it wouldn't work with google chrome cause then I found out why it didn't work. On the main page it said in red letters that you needed mozzila firefox to submit the ssays otherwise it won't be sumbitted. I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY LIFE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!



Yeah so I sent the essay to my professor through email and YOU KNOW WHAT???! HE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT IT! I KNOW RIGHT. COLLEGE IS HARD. TvT

I did the stupid essay for NOTHING!!!

He commented on the assignment saying that he didn't recieve it, what a b****.

Music helped a lil wahahahhaahhehehehehahahahahahahah noooooooooo ughhhh

what am i gonna do????????





Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Buycott App, win a free tshirt?

Got a newsletter from organic bytes today. I finally have some time to relax and check mail and found out this neat app from

If you're into that kind of stuff, it's a great app. I love it, when I'm using it it makes me feel like a super secret spy agent working undercover for good causes that I believe in. 

Boycott Monsanto!! 


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Studio House Idea!

So while working, gettng hungry, and then getting some vegan food to eat... I realized that I make food because I think I need food but then I don't even eat it. I just feel  comforted by the fact that I have food to eat. Well, I thought "what a waste..." If I feel less hungry/comforted by just being near so live plants, which I have these herb salad greens on my plate right now... Well, why don't I just bring an indoor plant inside and work next to it? 

Yeah, well my workplace has very little light. It will die. And I don't believe in using synthetic lights, only natural. I want the best for my plants, meaning natural and direct sunlight in its own natural environment.

So I thought of this house idea: 

House with walls but with a glass rooftop that can open and let direct sunlight in where the purpose is to be able to live/work in the house alongside with indoor plants yet giving them their natural environment. Two sides of the room's walls can be solid and the other half of the sides can be glass to allow more sunlight in.

This idea also saves land! 

House with five stories but has only one room and etc on each floor.


Floor 1: Hall
Floor x: Bathroom
Floor x: Bedroom
Floor x: Library

Floor x: Whatever

Instead of a two story house that has 5-6 rooms on the ground floor that takes up a lot of gardening space, you can have more garden with the 4-6 story! Why 4-6? Well, most people would have a room at the ground floor for easy access to whatever that room is used. I probably wouldn't be putting a bed on the ground floor (when the ground is only one room) unless I only used my home for sleeping. People/stuff/ and things would be going in and out of the ground floor a lot. 

The ground floor would also be used to move to the specific floor that they would want. However, there really is no limit to the different ways to possibly allow for transportation to specific floors. For example, instead of stairs on the inside, add stairs to the outside. You would instantly feel like you were at beach resort! 


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Experimenting with japanese


I tried to type in katakana to pronounce the english words "print verb chart"

Yep that rights, I used katakana in my to do list! Hehe.

Japanese class is fun!

Sad Video on what's happening to Polar Bears today.

This is a very emotional video. Well, it made me emotional.

Stain removers (menstrual blood)

 Okay, so after switching to menstrual cloth pads, I did rinse them after I used them, but I tend to keep them on for a day before rinsing it so the stains tend to, you know, set. Even after washing them in the machine, they still have a but of red color on them. 

I tried vinegar but that definitely didn't work. Doubt anything else would work either. And I really don't want to get new ones. I had to find a way to make my pads back in awesome condition! Meaning that it almost looks new. That's the type of condition I like to keep all my things like.

Anyways, the only good stain remover that could do that which I knew of was oxi clean. And off goes the google machine! Meaning I googled it myself haha. I thought it was going to be a lot of money and a rip off because I always saw that Oxi Clean commercial in my childhood. And as a child I always wanted things that I couldn't get. My mom would always tell me that it is too expensive. And it took a while until I could get over wanting everything that I see on TV. Found out that it was just about $15 on amazon. Well since I'm older now, I probably feel like that is not much money. 

Here comes the good part!! I realized that I could search for different stain removers on Amazon! Yeah, why didn't I think of that before?! 

 I just finished looking at all them.

In fact, I'll show you a list of stain removers I collected on Amazon. I definitely didn't include oxiclean anymore because they test on animals. That's the only one I know that do though, so not all the other ones are guaranteed to not test on animals. Enjoy, they all have great reviews and 4+ stars.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Meadows park

Aah.. I just love Mother Nature! I got to see some beautiful ducks and a white swan! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Raw foodist house dream

I really think that all these houses with all the same old doors and stairs are just plain ol' boring. Never mind mansions, I always dreamt of being able to build your own house! You know, since I am planning on going raw forever, who needs an oven, stove or a microwave?! Well, definitely not me!


#1, You could be using the extra space for more things.

You can count on me to be eating cold tofurkey pizza (vegan)! I did an experiment on myself where I basically ate the cold pizza first because I didn't want to wait 15 whole minutes for the conventional oven to bake it for me. And I never like to use the microwave, too. So, I ate it cold. It was delicious! Or maybe I was just too hungry... I don't know. I ate a few slices then put the rest into the oven (it's a small one). It didn't taste as good as cold and I figured I'm never baking tofurkey pizza again. This just gives me even more reason to not get an oven.

No more ovens!

Message to raw foodists about imported fruits and vegetables

... they are irradiated by the government in the United States!

I find out one day while reading a book called Don't Throw It, Grow It!: 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scraps. It told me that you couldn't grow from seeds that were irradiated because it changes it's DNA making it unable to grow. It's like cooking it! I never knew that and decided to do more research about what irradiation is. The reason why they do is because some people got sick from eating imported fruits and vegetables. 

So I looked it up and well what do you know, the organic consumers website says that it is very harmful. Here is the link: First line states, "...breaking up molecules and creating free radicals." Now that is definitely not natural. 

I couldn't find much videos about raw food and irradiation on youtube, but I did manage to find one by OkRaw. Typical, this well-known raw foodist makes all kinds! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

List of Asian Raw Foodists

I haven't seen too many asian raw foodists so I'm going to create a list of them. I have only seen two so far that are well-known... but I am sure that there are others out there. Like me, of course! Hahah, and I will tell you where I found them.

1. Ani Phoyo (youtube, popular raw food books, her website)
2. Jennifer Mcclelland (Chinese; graduated from living light culinary school)

That's all I have seen for now. I will update when I research more raw asian foodists.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Orgonite and olive oil as mold releaser, doesn't work

Early up in the morning to make orgonite! Totally in the mood. Well what do you know, today, I was actually out early in the morning before 8 am. It was only 7:30 and I was already driving my car on the way to the store and post office to look for some supplies to make my orgonite. I was inspired to make more orgonite when 2 of my panda bear orgonite sold, which I have already shipped today. But, I will need my orgonite to actually get out of the mold when I need them to. So...

What I needed to get was a spray bottle so I could make my own nonstick spray. The eco-friendly one at the Sprouts store was a bit on the pricey side, and as a college student, you will definitely need to save up on the cash. Since I already have some olive oil that's not even olive oil, I decided I will use that to just spray onto my metal molds to make orgonite! I am using my old olive oil because I like to use for just other stuff and real olive oil for my own health and cosmetics. I found a nice recipe for your own homemade nonstick cooking spray using olive oil on Pinterest. Looks legit... and who can complain when all you need is a $1 spray bottle and some leftover olive oil you already have at home? The recipe calls for just 1 part olive and 5 parts water. Simple x3! Haha...

Anyways, I am beat for today, I spent some family time with my mom, sister and little brother at our shop in Pearland instead. And unfortunately, I also have some final exam reviewing to be done which will take HOURS=DAYS. So, I guess I won't be able to start making orgonite until this week, Saturday.

To be continued...

Ok I finally made them! 

Sigh, my experiment didn't work out very well... The olive oil spray didn't work! Maybe just a little, I got one out, and even more weird, there's some white stuff on it, probably because of the olive oil. I might as well get an actual mold releaser.

:(, I will definitely use more cure. At least I have more experience!! :) I just gotta figure out how to remove all that nasty leftover orgonite. Maybe I will just leave in the sun and see what happens? ... Nope I'm going to have to use acetone.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cardboard boxes reused!

So while painting, I was getting annoyed with having to reach over to dip my brush in water and holding a palette all the time. I thought about getting a table just to have a place to put my palette and water bowl but figured that will cost some money. So I figured that there had to be something around and what do ya know, stacking cardboard boxes one on top of each other is a really great idea! And in my opinion, it gives my space an artsy feeling to it with all those labels on the boxes anyway. Especially, "fragile" hahaha! This is great because it fits underneath my easel, where the easel is taking up some room space; I live with my family so I'll want to have space in my room for other stuff. Who knows what will happen if I put it outside of my room?

I am trying to figure out how to store my paint bottles and other supplies without having to pay anything. Not to mention all the other stuff in my cluttered drawers too. But at least it's not all over my room.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tshirt refashion

So now that I have my own sewing machine, I can do a lot of stuff with all these ugly clothes, no offense. XD, so this is going to be the 2nd clothing I ever started to make in my whole entire life. Note, that I have learned to sew, but without a sewing machine... I didn't need any tutorial for this because i am just simply smart with geometry! Haha jk but srsly tho o.o, . 
So, I was thinking about donating all these Tshirts I had but ten I realized that would be a waste of money when you can use the fabric to practice sewing. I especially didn't want to give this one away because I really like this type of artwork, and redesigning the shirt would make it just wonderful!

What I did was outline my favorite tee shirt on the overmatched tshirt to make it fit me! I left 1 inch so I could I have space to sew it together. Ignore the blue line, I messed up. 

Then, what I did was fold it in half and cut of the outline.

Then, the same for the sleeves.

Turn the shirt inside out and pin together the sides to sew... Leaving holes for the arms.

Sew together the sides of the torso.

Voila. Sorry about the orange thread, it's the only color I have. But it's no problem cuz it can only be seen on the inside.

Now for the tricky part... The sleeves. I unfortunately messed up on that... So ... ITS GOING TO BE A TANK TOP NOW.

I outlined where I want the tank top to be. 

Fold in half and cut for the neckline, leaving an inch to sew.

Arm holes are a bit tricky.

Finished cutting outline.

Pin the sides for hem and get ready to sew.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is being naughty and keeps knotting up so, it shall be continued...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What happened to my laptop

So if you read my last blog post, I did get to buy me a laptop, unfortunately, I used financial aid and not real money. But, you can pay it off. Anyways, I really wanted a laptop that had at least 8 gb of ram, slim, lightweight, windows 8, 13 in (ultra book... Nice for traveling and playing games at same time) touchscreen, is a tablet and have plenty of hard drive space. But the ones that weren't black were on the pricey side, for example the white one is at least 1,200 dollars. I could only get something that's less than 800 dollars. So, I figured Id rather the working parts over the looks, as that is what matters anyway. Which is why I got a win 8 lenovo intel i7 touchscreen twist able tablet 8gb ram 13.3 in screen! Except, it's black and red ... But I don't mind especially when's it's got everything I want! I do need a powerful laptop because I run a lot of programs that need a lot of power. The god thing is, when it is the light, it is slightly purple... And the cover is quite velvety. I have added some pics the day I first got it (unboxing). 

So yea. Pretty awesome. I also managed to get me the screen protector and a nice case. I also got me a nice wireless mouse for it. 

Anyways, as you can see it is partly red... But since I believe having red and black together is evil I like to think of it as more red orange. I don't think that type of color is totally red. Another plus for me.

Edit: I really shouldnt have bought it. I should have listened to my dad, who said I should return it right away. I forgot that I had to get one with a dedicated graphics card. It only has integrated. The graphics card makes a huge difference when you're gaming. I didn't really notice until the moment I started to play Life Is Strange. 

Worse still, I had an episode and knocked my one piece of furniture, a closet, down which cracked my laptop. It doesn't matter because it still works like new. Just cosmetic damage to the ports and case. I want to sell it though. Not because of the damage but because of I barely use the powerful laptop. It's an ultrabook, which does powerful things than just using a browser or watching videos. And I felt like it was missing the gaming capability that I was going to get in a better desktop gaming computer where I can also use memory consuming applications like Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro. I could just buy a cheaper laptop dedicated to browsers and videos. And I mean 4GB ram ones. Like:

It's got a ton of great reviews. And super cheap. However, I know I won't be able to edit any videos on the go. But that's why I can just travel back home to do it. 

Thanks to economy... 😅

In college now...

That's it! I took drugs back in October and actually didn't stop until Late December. This is because I was going through a personal crisis and needed to stop the schizophrenia because it was interfering with my life. I couldn't do anything I truly wanted and did things because of the voices. Well, now everything is as normal as they felt like before I was crazy. Unfortunately, when I'm not taking the Meds, I seem to be less supressed and you know,.. Lol. Anyways, lots of things happened. I stopped seeing the guy I met from pof everyday last month and I feel great. Also, I finally got my DL and get to drive the Camry back in early January because I needed it for school. Anyways, the big reason why I'm happy is because I have an iphone 5 which makes life so much easier. I get a gps, music, all these apps and internet! If I ever needed a recipe, all I had to do was pull it out and there it was. :). Even better.... Ever since I got financial aid, I was able to get me my own powerful ultra book laptop!!! It's perfect!!! And I bought it myself! I'm so happy. Then, I could finally get me the "necessities" such as an easel, a sewing machine, fabric scissors and etc. but yea that's pretty much it...

Anyways, I'm sitting in class waiting for it to start ... 29 more minutes. And nobody's here except for me. Tsk tsk. Hehhehee, -.- I'm so tired! I finished about half of my math review for exam 3 already!! Couldn't do anymore lol. Oh! And someone finally came in. Yay! That's makes 2 of us! HOLY MOLY! I just remembered for the -----th time today, I have a presentation to do on my career choice. I think I will do better today cause I also had to do another presentation yesterday for my psychology class. Except... I was laughing a lot and messed up a bit. But this time, I won't use a paper and just read what is on my PowerPoint. :))) . I'm a bit nervous!!! Sigh.