Saturday, February 23, 2013

tips n tricks guide to evil forces

ALWAYS wear something yellow to deflect from evil forces.
Wear orange to create a shield.

put tumeric in the salt n pepper shaker

cheapest resin

For making orgonite

Using glary utilities

I like to use this free software of Glary Utilities.
To download the newest version of Glary Utilities (it's version 2.61)


  • clear out your start up manager by deleting entries 
  • use disk cleaner
  • the 1 click maintenance

    this will pretty much speed up your entire computer

i believe in this mind control forum topic

about how we've all been mind programmed to different things, and in different places or settings of the 3rd dimension. i shall be making a post about mind programming and how people's brains have been controlled like ant the whole time. especially this topic by the topic starter:

making a post is hard, you have to choose the right words for this 

but we get freaking brainwashed from our soul so that you actually see the 3rd dimensional reality ... by whom? people getting mind controlled of course, by evil alien shapeshifters. or what i would like to call the, reptilians. this is where the mind controlling would be... they don't want us to know about them reptilians they get to our subconscious mind, which is how mind programming usually works, i found out from googling how mind programming works to see this website

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Save animals dying in fur factory

Animals die in that chinese fur factory because they're skinned alive for their fur, 
and they have no safe place to go and no where to hide. 

I decided to watch this video on youtube created by peta and saw something totally disturbing in the video. I see animals dying in the fur factory that we buy fur from. They created this evil fur factory in China because they skin them alive... They actually skin them alive in this video that I posted a link on down below. It is no illusion and Olivia munn tried to expose what happened in the video

the animal's souls are still alive and very well connected to what these people do to the poor animals. and they remember what they do to the poor animals, by skinning them alive for FUR

yr of 2013

                ever since 2012, I researched all about the illuminati and how different civilizations exist somewhere else in the universe.  I learned that there's different types of alien races such as the humans, (to be further continued)

getting swagbucks with the Swagbucks search bar

Using the Swagbucks search bar

The tour for Swagbuck's new
website design, or new members

I can earn up to around 1-50 swagbucks or more 
when I use the swagbucks search engine. 
It usually appears after several searches.  

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I just used the search engine, and some
random swag bucks popped up.

Secret Tips and Tricks on How to Use
  • default on firefox or google chrome
  • use the swagbucks search page as a homepage
  • download the toolbar i think its too slow
  • use the search engine

The only thing annoying you had to do was insert a captcha, 
just incase you're a bot or not.

truth about heathiest foods WHFoods website

I found the best website ever about what healthy foods are from this website. 
*thumbsup Check out its "World's Heathiest Foods" list;

WHFoods: What do you think about cooking food in a microwave?


a picture of organic king soba noodles

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Solar Flashlights

I'm getting a new flashlight with my paypal money that I had leftover. Best of all, they're freaking solar powered, YAY. And I have no idea which one I should get. I finally managed to list them down below. So as you can see there's the one with a phone charger and there's one with just the light, but they're all powered by the sun.

So which one should I get? I have no freaking idea. Sigh. I'm like so indecisive. I was thinking about going with the one with the phone charger because it has all in one, but the it's more bulkier and less bright. It would be a nice shape just for placing it on flat ground in the sun, :p.

The one with just a flashlight and cylinder shaped is a lot more cleaner and sleek looking. There's actually a 5 LED and a 7 LED one but with one small difference. And that is the shape of the flashlight head. The 5 LED one is totally straight and smooth while the 7 LED has a bulbular flashlight head at the end. It would be a lot easier to fit the 5 LED in a pocket or your purse just because it's more portable. The only good thing about the 7 LED is that it's got 7 LEDs, which would be a brighter. Cost wise, it's worth it because it's only a dollar more than the 5 LED. :D

Fortunately, I managed to find one on eBay for really cheap, in my case. Or compared to Amazon. Anyways, here are some that I picked out for me.

Flashlight, Phone Charger and an FM Radio in 1

Solar Battery Panel FM Radio 4LED Flashlight Hand Torch Smartphone Phone Charger | eBay

New Solar Charger Flashlight 6 LED FM Radio 1500mAh USB

Emergency Backup Solar Powered FM Radio LED Flashlight Torch Cell Phone Charger

Luckily, there's some video reviews of them!


I just took a look at the prices and realized the ones with the phone charger are several dollars too expensive. So, I'm going to buy the 7 LED one, because first of all, it's the most brightest and cheap at its cost, and hopefully lighter. ... Actually it's because a phone charger isn't exactly on the top of my list, plus they're more expensive and less bright.

Super Bright LED Flashlight (nothing but a flashlight)


Super Solar Power Flashlight 7 LED Camping Torch Lamp

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New world stuff and interests, and welcome to my new blog...

Hello world! This will be my first blog post of my second blog site, the other one I totally ditched. Anyways...this blog layout will look a lot more attractive later on for I am too lazy to do anything with it now.

I am getting to know more about how humans and Earth originally started off. In fact, I totally know about how other life outside of this world exists. There are positive, peace seeking ones called the humans (which should be us but we've been too corrupted by evil forces), including others that I have forgotten about but might post somewhere on this new website of mines. It's more of a personal thing and I pretty much will be writing whatever is on my mind. Idk. I'm going to be so excited about my new blog of mines :D. 

But wait, before I go, I've got something important to tell you. There are evil aliens that plan to control the whole universe, but so far they're pretty much trying to control the whole Milky Way galaxy! And, they are called the reptilians. They should be invisible and they plan to control us humans, for they are evil and don't care about anything Humans care about... such as taking care of babies. 

As time passed by, I seemed to have awakened to whats really going on this world. Well see ya later.