Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tips on how to incorporate more raw vegan food in your diet

1. Have a glass of raw nut milk every day.
In order to prevent soaking too many nuts and letting them spoil, only soak as many as you think you will drink the next day.

2. Buy bananas every time you hit the store.
This makes sure that you will have ripe bananas available when you need it, rather than starving and waiting for them to ripen.

3. Add herbs to vegetables.
Buy herb plants and keep in an accessible area if possible.

4. Add sprouts, chopped.
This makes me feel like I'm eating grains when I'm actually have sprouts, just another alternative for cauliflower and variety.

5. Variety

Why is it so hard to stay on a raw food diet

It is actually harder than I thought to stay on a raw food diet. And it really is hard to get off my lazy butt and make raw food. Of course, you can eat unlimited raw fruits and vegetables, and especially vegetables. Why? Well, ...

1. You don't have to wait for them to ripen.
2. You can eat them anytime.
3. They are convenient to just grab out of the refrigerator.
4. Just chop them up and you got yourself a salad or whatever anyone can think of now a days.

Fruits are a totally different story though.
1. You have to wait for them to ripen.
2. You can't buy ripe fruit, even those that are labeled ripe aren't always ripe.
3. For those with a sweet tooth out there, of course eating nothing but fruit isn't the best way to stay raw because apparently leafy greens are on the raw food pyramid too, and at the 5th level while fruits are only on the 3rd level.

What happens when you don't feel like eating anything else but a banana and (berry, avocado, you name it) smoothie and your bananas aren't ripe?


You're stuck with vegetables. Which I don't mind of course, but for some one just starting out, that's a little bit on the tough side. So, yeah, I'm stuck with unripe, green bananas today. So, I decided to get some dairy free milk but I've heard that carragean(how do you spell it?) is pretty unhealthy and causes IBS and all these problems in your intestinal guts.

1. You have to soak them for 12 hours.
2. And when you do, you end up not eating/drinking them the next day.
3. And then more days pass by and all your nuts have spoiled.

The cycle just goes on and on.