Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Self flying camera that follows you around

Just found this awesome self flying camera that follows you around on indiegogo! :)





Hoko Le

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I met FullyRaw Kristina!

It was May 30, 2014. I also the day that I first met my idol!

¨Picture! Congratulations to me. As it is every raw foodist's dream come true. ;D

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My sewing machine is imperfect

Okay so, me and my sister have a sewing machine that my mom let us use. Unfortunately, the part that enabled you to wind the bobbin was broken. My sister said you had to wind it by hand. And, whoah? What? ! There's no way I am winding it by hand, I mean, that would take forever! So, I never used the sewing machine... until I finally bought that orange Janome sewing machine that I wrote about earlier.

Little did I know, IT 'SUCKS'! If you ever want to sew right, don't buy that stupid cheap walmart sewing machine like I did. I only bought it so I could wind the bobbin. Even my mom's old sewing machine works 1000x better than this. I had such a hard time sewing things, and it always bunched up for some strange reason. Once I switched to my mom's sewing machine, I realized how good of a sewist I am. The orange sewing machine made me suck! I thought I was just really bad. But nope, I am actually normal. Anyways, I will be deleting the sewing machine page.

Ebay's cheap cell phone mounts

Tired of holding your cell phone up in the air while you're driving? I am too. So, this is where you get a cell phone car mount! Well, I thought they would be like at least $10-$20! I was at Target one day and happened to run into what I just needed, which was a cell phone car mount. As I was looking at a random aisle, where there were other things such as car air fresheners. I don't think I would have ever worried about how much it costed but I bet it is not cheap. So, I didn't buy it, as I didn't really need the car mount. I figured that if I did drive people around for a living, then I would buy it. Time passes by, and I finally decided to get me one. I wanted to find one on amazon, and that one had cost about $20! I actually bought it, but thank GOD that it declined. Because now, I found some way better ones on Ebay! AND THEY ARE SUPER CHEAP! Like, DOLLAR TREE CHEAP. Like, I didn't know they could exist! Who needs those cheap twenty dollar car mounts when you have these eBay car mounts that actually cost what they should be. Link to the car mount is here. Be smart about browsing eBay because I found it by scrolling all the way down to the "You may like" section. There are most likely tons of others like that.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Homemade Hemp Panties

Organic panties can be really expensive so I decided to make my own. They can be about $10 for one... and that's the lowest. ✨👌🏽💖

Unfortunately, this is really only a 'pattern' using real fabric. If you know what I mean. I'm practicing my sewing skills. So, I'd like to mess up my first pieces of panties before making one with straighter or neater sewed lines. Turned out pretty good so far, but as you can see... I messed up everywhere. But, the elastic part was done quite well and looks like it will work in future panties.

Sorry about my laptop. I felt lazy. 

I got the pattern idea from: https://comeandseetheseitz.com/2010/03/09/panty-tutorial-how-to-sew-underwear/

But I gave it my own twist and used stretch cotton as the elastic.

If you wanted to know, I'll link you to where I got the materials the panties are made out of.

Main: http://www.hemptraders.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=CS-HS2.6
Elastic: http://www.hemptraders.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=CA-RB-K4
Thread: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004WLK8B4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

If you are a 'cheapo', you can substitute these types of fabric and thread.

I'll make a video on how to make clothes with stretch cotton elastic someday...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

纯棉 must be organic or else

My heart was burning until I took all my clothes off and switched to my organic hemp blanket. I believe that GMO cotton is very toxic due to it being treated with formadehyde and pesticides. I find that being in contact with chemical bathed gmo cotton with skin induces the burning sensation. Organic cotton comforters are very exspensive and that is why I bought the cheaper conventional cotton comforter. $50 compared to $300. I plan on buying the organic comforter now because the burning sensation was hell. Please, do not buy gmo cotton and 纯棉 treated with pesticides. It's not worth it to ruin your health. Compost the 纯棉 that's so natural when its not because it is still bathed in chemicals. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Think plastic never goes away? Well it can

With this machine a japanese person invented! It turns plastic into fuel. Plastic can be toxic and sometimes you don't want to keep it around forever while it pollutes the environment, which is why this machine is beneficial. Plus, the fuel is an added bonus for turning the plastic into something else. More details found here: http://phys.org/news/2011-02-plastic-bags-fuel-home.html

Monday, May 25, 2015


Passed my biology class! Yay and got an A for japanese class :)! Now its summer and I'm going to be visiting NYC and my home country in Vietnam... so no summer classes for me. Anyway, I actually made something productive with a graphic program on paint.net

It's a picture of me with hearts over my eyes... I've always wanted to do that and never had the time to, well now I do. I don't think I did too well on it but it's ok.

PS. I wanted to put hearts over my eyes because I think my eyes look creepy! I look way better with something covering my eyes ;D

I hope you like it ^^ :P ! <3

Monday, March 16, 2015

Personal diary entry #145

Hello! So many things have happened in my life so far. Like, ending up in the mental hospital again around November after my car crash accident. This is because I couldn't get to my daily niacin supplement... Now I am trying to recover from the prescription drugs I have taken that was supposedly supposed to help me ... Mentally. But. The drugs did not make me feel good! I also lost connection with my body and my belly was looking like I was pregnant all the time! I couldn't even play video games and winning was hard. Heard that it lowers your dopamine so that explains my lack of rewarding pleasure in everything. So I had to quickly come up with a solution to solve my problem with impulse control. I remembered the one movie called culture high where a little boy suffered from seizures everyday. Until his father found cbd. It saved his life, and stopped his seizures. He was also on lots of prescription drugs. And so I was desperate to stop taking prescription drugs so I bought some cbd too. I'll have to say, that hopefully cbd is more natural than niacin and does prevent me from paranoia and suspicious behaviors. And I really do think that it's helped. Another good thing is that it's in liquid form so I just keep it in my bedroom.

I also got a blood test done after a while of being on these new prescription drugs... (4mg) of risperidol (I feel that is way too much) and it showed that my hemoglobin was lower than average but just by about 1-2 digits. I googled what it was and it shows its responsible for bringing oxygen to your brain in your blood. As the days passed by I realized that I might actually be a little anemic. I didn't think much of it until just recently, the not being able to breathe (I would be trying to take deep and deeper breaths but stl didn't bring enough oxygen into my brain) happened. It has felt like I was going to faint or die from lack of oxygen flowing to the brain if I didn't do somegthing. And I figured that I should have enough iron levels because I eat lots of real food. So it must be the b12 since I am vegan. I know that you can make it in your gut but I needed something to fix this as I probably wouldn't be able to absorb much b12 since I just got off using strong prescription drugs. And well what do you know, the b12 supplement has improved my quality of life by milestones! I feel like I am doing more and best of all can breath normally. In fact, I have been able to start (that's easy) and actually FINISH (that's hard) sewing pieces of fabric! I just made my very own hemp pencil case using scraps from hemptraders.com (that sites awesome). I wanted to put all my toxic utensils in it and store it in my car. I didn't want them to be in the house anymore... I can feel the it in the air that it is toxic. And if you have read my essay that I wrote about earlier, you will know why. I vow to never buy anymore plastic pens and pencils! They can be so toxic that you don't even want to use them. Many things feel very unnatural when using these types. There's a huge difference when you're holding an organic stick versus a plastic pencil. Also, the reason why I decided to put these utensils in a hemp bag is because I was watching videos about these hemp concrete walls and found out that the hemp fibers actually store carbon or something from the air. I just know that if you put natural organic chemical free fabric on something toxic, it will be 'neutralized' in a sense. 

Anyways, around the time of my car crash... I think... I also got a new mattress! But not just any old conventional mattress... But an organic 100% natural latex free of chemicals! Along with my pillow. It was great! While on niacin, I wouldn't get uncomfortable red and itchy while on the mattress. I suggest that you also switch to one to if you haven't already done so... Because you spend a good part of your life on that mattress.