Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More stevia sweetened products in the market

As I'm about to move in to my new apartment for college I notice a box full of 'bai Tanzania Lemonade Tea' that my mom must have bought. I shook the feeling of consumerism off because it looks like it was going to be full of 'sugar'... but I checked the ingredients because it might not have any. Alas, it didn't! But it does have stevia. I was so excited because I could finally drink something that doesn't have sugar. My mom buys alot of things with sugar in them so if this only has stevia the markets doing better at incorporating more stevia.

I guess more farming has been done for stevia and that they grew.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My tan healthy skin!

I don't do much to get skin like this. You can see there's barely any wrinkles or imperfections on my skin. What I do though is I stay vegan, avoid sugar, drink lots of juice, and be hydrated. Fruits and vegetables you guys. I barely use a cleanser. I might use an exfoliating scrub once in a while but thats it. I used to consume lots of soda and junkfood and fast food but not anymore. My skin was not as good as now.

Actually... never mind, sleeping on an organic natural chemical free latex mattress topper as a bed is really what made my skin like this. It's not because of my diet. Because I still have the fried food a lot.

I love the organic bed. It's not just for beauty, but kept me from going sick like I used to.

Brand new analog watch

I realized that time doesn't pass by like when I was kid anymore. Every minute felt like a second. But as a kid, a second felt like an hour. And I was telling the time through my digital clock on my smartphone. I realized this as I was trying to punch in my shift. I made a mistake and tried to call again. But can you believe that it takes a whole minute to open up the phone app and type in 6 numbers? I mean 60 seconds is alot. It should only take 6 seconds to type in 6 numbers. So I guess the rest of the minute was used to open up the phone app and press call. I think it should take way less.

I went to Target to get me an analog watch. I wanted to take a look at the second pointer. $14.99