Friday, October 18, 2013

Famous 8th Pathers

That I know of. Famous people whose life path equals to 8. I am also life path number 8 and am interested in people with the same life path. I'm researching famous people with this number for my personal references, interests and motives.

Tila Tequila
Jessica Biel
Grace Kelly
Sandra Bullock
Vanessa Paradis
Adriana Karembeu
Amy Winehouse
Penélope Cruz
Elizabeth Taylor
Halle Berry
Romy Schneider
Yasmine Bleeth
Roger Federer
Zac Efron
Zayn Malik

Cindy Crawford
Charlotte Casiraghi
Harry Styles
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Richard Gere
Matt Damon
Alicia Keys
Naomi Campbell
50 Cent
Hilary Duff
Jessica Simpson
Enrique Iglesias
Kristin Kreuk
Holly Marie Combs
Kate Beckinsale
Olivia Wilde
Josh Duhamel
Amy Lee
Anna Nicole Smith
Niel Armstrong
Owen Wilson

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Domdomsoft manga downloader

I recommend this program called Domdomsoft. It allows you to download manga and read it offline.
You can get more information here:

I currently reading Bitter Virgin and am on chapter 19 volume 3. You can check my MAL for more.

Peace out.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Applying for careers and colleges

have never been so hard. It takes over 3+ weeks to get any contact from them.

I want to be an actor due to my interest for performing in front of people. Besides, I can't stay reading books all day I get way to angsty after like 3 seconds of reading the first sentence. I have to practice on raising my voice too. I'm considering professional acting in college... and would like a degree for that.

I'm interested in artistic pursuits like pastry decorating or medias. Especially information technology and computer science. Those are the degrees I would like to have. My major would be art.

And can I at least be a cashier or a waitress? Staying at home with nothing to do and little cash is really boring if you ask me. Besides, I need to get out more often and meet new people. I'm tired of seeing the same ol' boring people.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Big Five Personality results

Openness to Experience/Intellect
        High scorers tend to be original, creative, curious, complex; Low scorers tend to be conventional, down to earth, narrow interests, uncreative.
         You are relatively open to new experiences.     (Your percentile: 76)
        High scorers tend to be reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful; Low scorers tend to be disorganized, undependable, negligent.
         You are neither organized or disorganized.     (Your percentile: 52)
        High scorers tend to be sociable, friendly, fun loving, talkative; Low scorers tend to be introverted, reserved, inhibited, quiet.
         You tend to shy away from social situations.     (Your percentile: 22)
        High scorers tend to be good natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous; Low scorers tend to be critical, rude, harsh, callous.
         You are neither extremely forgiving nor irritable.     (Your percentile: 57)
        High scorers tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, worrying; Low scorers tend to be calm, relaxed, secure, hardy.
         You aren't particularly nervous, nor calm.     (Your percentile: 43)

Quick Work Preference Inventory

 A If you scored highest in A, your work style and defining characteristics are listed below in this column.B If you scored highest in B, your work style and defining characteristics are listed below in this column.C You scored highest in C; your work style and defining characteristics are listed below in this column.D If you scored highest in D, your work style and defining characteristics are listed below in this column.
Your work style is:Focuser (Self-Starter)Relater (Enthusiastic)Integrator (Finisher)Operator (Detailer)
You like to:Focus (What)Relate (Whom)Integrate (Understand Why)Operate (Understand How)
You want to know:Task at handBig PictureSignificanceDetails
Your preferred roles are:Taking charge; Working independentlyCoordinating; FacilitatingProblem-solving; DiagnosingMonitoring; Analyzing
You are concerned with:PracticalityTeamworkInnovationDocumentation
You manage by:DirectingOrganizingPlanningControlling
Your managing style is:AuthoritativeDemocraticSelf-directedSystematic
You want to be:ProductiveFlexibleSelf-reliantAccountable
You value:ExperienceParticipationQuestioningCompliance
You follow:Strong leaderFocus of groupPersonal reasoningPolicy
You work well with:Clear goalsBroad goalsIdeas/InputSystems
Your focus is on:OutcomesInvolvementInputProcedures
You want to have:AuthorityInfluenceTime to assessBoundaries
You learn best by:DoingObserving and participatingListeningRepetition

FREE MAPP™ Assessment

Hoko prefers to be socially independent. This allows and often encourages activities that do not require or permit, association or interaction with others during projects, shifts, or extended periods of time. Emphasis is not on what Hoko is doing, but that it is willingly or intentionally apart from others. This trait, by itself, does not imply or suggest antisocial or selfish attitudes. It only identifies social independence for vocational or recreational activities. Scientists, engineers, persons engaged in agricultural vocations, and night-shift service workers that were rated often include this preference.

More than likely, all kinds and uses of numbers naturally make sense to Hoko and a preference to work with numbers exists. (NOTE: Mathematical talent is as much a natural gift as artistic or musical talent, even though few people, acknowledge that fact. But it is readily acknowledged as a natural gift by those that have it as well as by those who don't.) Hoko probably laughs, and understands exactly what is meant when Charles Schultz's Charlie Brown said, "How can you do new math with an old-math mind?") Hoko's preferences lean heavily toward the conceptual, theoretical, analytical, and computational in the awareness, use and application of math. As such, math is an important vocational asset whether it is vocational specialization or vocational application.

Hoko probably can't think of an activity where motivation could support persuasive interaction. Further, Hoko will probably avoid oral communication if it requires psychological jousting with others. Therefore, Hoko prefers to know, in advance, the purpose and the psychological environment to be expected when in unplanned, unstructured, social encounters with others. It is also not a preferred situation by Hoko to be persuasively or psychologically dominated or intimidated by others.

Hoko is motivated and probably equipped for tending operational/clerical activities. If the required skills are not present, Hoko's motivational level clearly indicates a support for successful training. This means monitoring ongoing operational processes through observation of recording instruments that show what is currently happening. It usually involves more than just observing and recording what is observed. It often requires setting limits (such as temperature or flow controls), turning flow valves or switches on and off on a scheduled or situational basis. It includes responsibility for quickly noting when something is not happening, as it should and then taking immediate, appropriate action including shutting down the process or alerting technical or management personnel. This tending position does not imply or suggest just clerical observation and posting.

Hoko is highly motivated for routine, factual, mathematical problems related to operational, procedural, or administrative activities. This includes good logic, analysis, and attention to detail. (NOTE: Business math may be motivated strongly enough to be the heart of professional or vocational activity, as a CPA or corporate accountant, for instance).

Hoko prefers routine tasks that are explained, demonstrated, and supervised in a familiar environment: Key motivational responsibilities may include dependability, a steady work record, thorough and clean performance, and trustworthiness relative to the property of others. (NOTE: Many maintenance positions are in this category, as are some temporary or seasonal jobs).

(NOTE: The Worker Trait Factor called computational should be called business math because it means everyday calculations related to over-the-counter or on-site business calculations or transactions. Representative of this is commercial transactions such as buying groceries at a store, lunch at a restaurant, or a plane ticket at an airport. It is primarily composed of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and recording results). Given this, Hoko is highly motivated where activities call for computational math.

Hoko's vocational preferences include such activities as gathering, processing, recording, transmitting, filing, and/or retrieving information. Key preferences lean toward proper language usage, spelling and punctuation; referencing, filing, and retrieval abilities; and attention to detail.

Custom Keirsey Temperament Report for: Hoko Le

Idealists (NF), as a temperament, are passionately concerned with personal growth and development. Idealists strive to discover who they are and how they can become their best possible self -- always this quest for self-knowledge and self-improvement drives their imagination. And they want to help others make the journey. Idealists are naturally drawn to working with people, and whether in education or counseling, in social services or personnel work, in journalism or the ministry, they are gifted at helping others find their way in life, often inspiring them to grow as individuals and to fulfill their potentials.
Idealists are sure that friendly cooperation is the best way for people to achieve their goals. Conflict and confrontation upset them because they seem to put up angry barriers between people. Idealists dream of creating harmonious, even caring personal relations, and they have a unique talent for helping people get along with each other and work together for the good of all. Such interpersonal harmony might be a romantic ideal, but then Idealists are incurable romantics who prefer to focus on what might be, rather than what is. The real, practical world is only a starting place for Idealists; they believe that life is filled with possibilities waiting to be realized, rich with meanings calling out to be understood. This idea of a mystical or spiritual dimension to life, the "not visible" or the "not yet" that can only be known through intuition or by a leap of faith, is far more important to Idealists than the world of material things.
Highly ethical in their actions, Idealists hold themselves to a strict standard of personal integrity. They must be true to themselves and to others, and they can be quite hard on themselves when they are dishonest, or when they are false or insincere. More often, however, Idealists are the very soul of kindness. Particularly in their personal relationships, Idealists are without question filled with love and good will. They believe in giving of themselves to help others; they cherish a few warm, sensitive friendships; they strive for a special rapport with their children; and in marriage they wish to find a "soulmate," someone with whom they can bond emotionally and spiritually, sharing their deepest feelings and their complex inner worlds.
Idealists are relatively rare, making up no more than 15 to 20 percent of the population. But their ability to inspire people with their enthusiasm and their idealism has given them influence far beyond their numbers.

Counselors (INFJ) are likely to be committed to the personal development and personal, inner growth of each person in their group or team. They are not usually highly visible leaders, but like to work quietly behind the scenes, influencing and guiding others to success. They can easily see the big picture and understand the inner workings of a group. Counselors focus on helping individuals reach their full potential. They tend to be private about their things, and are sensitive. Sometimes they will surprise others with their previously undisclosed interests.

Edit: This is not even accurate! I did another personality test in my college to determine my career and it was INTJ. Since I trust college more, I think I am an INTJ. Whatever... I'm pretty sure that I am an Introverted, Intuitive and Judgement side. I'm not so sure on whether or not I am a thinker or a feeler.. so that's good. :DD

Career Quizzes

Career Interest Profiler Overview
Hoko, your career should be . . .
Analytical and Organized!
You are the type of person who is inquisitive, analytical and intellectual. You enjoy investigating and solving problems. Your favorite word is "Why", and you are likely to answer a question with a question. While you enjoy theorizing, you also like to have things well defined, organized and accurate.
You are likely to enjoy occupations that will allow you to investigate things, explore ideas, conduct research, and involve using organizational skills and well-defined procedures.
You have a unique set of interests and deserve a career that expresses your uniqueness. Do you want to know what kind of jobs there are out there that will satisfy these interests? Then look no further! Your personalized Career Interest Map is being prepared right now.

Career Values Overview
Hoko, the thing you value most in your career is . . .
You find it exciting to try new things. In a highly structured workplace where work is routine and structured you would likely become bored and dissatisfied. You are likely to be happier in an environment where there is uncertainty and where change is expected. It will be enjoyable for you to work where you can take a risk and when successful receive a greater reward. You put real value on fast-paced work, work where you can take some chances, and do different things each day.
You have a unique set of values and deserve a career that satisfies them. Do you want to know what you find satisfying and what is important to you in your career? Then look no further! Your personalized Career Values Report is being prepared right now.

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I used Google Glass

well technically i didn't use it but. ah. looks like theres a new technology where you put your mind to this google glasses with the camera and video recorder right on your eyes! <3 with like "voice activation" its more like using your mind to activate it which is really future technology that about 9k google plusers are looking forward to use.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What kind of college should you go to?

What kind of college should you go to?
community college
You may not want to leave home, or spend tons of money for an education when you're not sure of what you want to major in. A community college will get you started and you can go from there.
Facebook quizzes & Blog quizzes by Quibblo

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

my healthy superfoods

Blueberries, Coconuts, Pomelos

Spirulina is like all I can think of right now x.x

my miso and kelp soup o.o

the apple.

something about your colon.

keep ur colon clean by eating natural and healthy fibers

How Electricity Works


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sigh. We are stuck dealing with evil reptilians. They are what you all know as the negative *^v^

Saturday, April 6, 2013

becoming lightbodies

hello everybody i would like to tell you what i just read! yippee (i also managed to get some heal about a heal, ive never felt better since then)

i found out that on this website we, are, going to be all rainbowish lightbodies very very early! im getting pretty threatened because of this, and also my different frequency about it.  but, us becoming teh total real lightbody will be happening around before the day the schoolkids shall be released from school for summer vacation yaay. i just wanted to talk about it or like celebrate it or something but yea. otherwise if you havn't read that website, it's talking about the main war on our planet nowadays... about 'it'

anyways we, my friends, are all being people here *wink

Friday, April 5, 2013

The connection between physiatric drugs and spirituality

The truth is, All Medicines are Poison!

After such a long time, I have been looking for some truth about medicine.
And now, I finally found it. All I had to do was look up how medicine is poison on google.

and i found this article ^^;: "He meant that any medicine that has effects has side effects, that the poison is in the dose, and that we must weigh the benefits of any treatment against the risks. Dr. Kirschner has no beef with scientific medicine." link

poison in the dose. theyll make you take poisons in the dose. as i had been taking alot more dosages, the more the dosage the more of the ol poisons

It also talks about "fast-tracking, classification of drugs (Schedule I through V), black box warnings, drug recalls, off-label prescribing, the scientific method, package inserts, expiration dates, drug interactions, side effects, the role of sanitation in disease prevention, informed consent, developing resistance to antibiotics, placebos, immunizations, ethical issues, conflicts of interest, drug advertising, copycat drugs, why drugs cost so much, why “natural” doesn’t mean “harmless,” how dietary supplements can kill..." and that would pretty much be it

from a drugged kid trying to heal

As you can see, poison has done something to me. Eating non vegetarian would be fatal. I especially have to stick to the vegan diet and avoid drinking the disgusting cow milk. Idk how but it gives me lactose intolerance... and so does other types of cheese. And I'll have to agree with how cow milk is totally bad. Which I'll add a link to: (space)






Thursday, April 4, 2013

mindwashing b/c of school

Currently, in school, we are getting brainwashed for like every second. We will turn into a brainwashed clone because of that, and we'll have no idea what in the world happened. Due to making reptilians and their evil plans... Those freaking evil reptilian technology along with their UFOs are due to be in school...
  • no one really remembers what happens to each other cuz our souls are busy being in a totally different 'parallel' universe;, u created ur own parallel universe n souls manage to find eachother in our own universe... or here on 3d earth
  • however, having a pineal gland really helps (try 2 grow it)
  • The best thing you can do here in school is working on whatever it is "they" give you. Your soul is actually crying out but they keep brainwashing you somehow. It's actually because they've killed you. Even I can't get that only phrase out, what they're keeping you from. The brainwash. You're actually supposed to be fighting for each other because those reptilians ended up killing you and other people. 
  • We are crying out because of that. Like after every several seconds or so, your brain gets a brainwash. It;s actually no brainwash.... it's a mindwash... Your soul knew what it was doing till the moment they brainwash you into a total brainwashed clone. And that should pretty much be it. I knew this before I came back to school and I somehow magically got brainwashed into the stupidest things possible. I, cannot believe I got brainwashed! From, THE, brainwash. 
  • Good luck "surviving". We're all getting brainwashed every second. And as I can see, these words aren't complete either, and they call it English class! (which I'm currently trying to pass) It's all so totally mindwashed! xD It actually ends up in a brainwashed talk about a talk. We didn't even have any idea what that talk about a talk was about.  Only some people were in the background because of it. I was about to get mind programmed because of it. 
  • Yea, we can get mind washed from anything and we would have no idea =v=. Your souls were crying out before but we got brainwashed the moment you're in there.. we got brainwashed afer we cry out and just keep on continuing whatever we were doing. we're actually all standing up in here. when we have no idea what our souls are doing, we'll pretty much trying 2 see. souls out there are seeing what we're doing. we pretty much got brainwashed in to all this brainwashed clone stuff.
  • PS, mindprogramming is the worst cuz they ovbviously mind program you from your only soul cryin out (i dont even threaten reptilians anymore, gl.).. the best thing you can do is write out what you feel about things just to remember!
  • TRYING TO REMEMORIZE, wE g0t BrAInWaShEd, you'll pretty much have to make a letter to yourself about what happened just to remember what your soul got brainwashed from sadly alot of us are still brainwashed.
  • FORTUANTELY, we might get unbrainwashed when we get out there. they make you see the worst stuff ever....
  • I pretty much wrote a blog down to unbrainwash myself, I have managed to remember what really happens to your souls. Which is, our souls got brainwashed. xD ok i finally end this


WELL, Our souls were crying out for eachother, there is a huge illusion everywhere. They make you think you're just sitting and writing, but what's really happening is that you and everyone else are in a huge battle against huge evil negative energy. The only way we can get unbrainwashed is if someone sees it happening and manages to come into the war battle room and try to like probably let them download some info or something. I did this because of a 9:11 call LOLS,

  • you could have gotten to it but we get brainwashed to fast, of what happens in every room and in every building in every town and city of the Americas. 

So yea, your soul gets brainwashed pretty badly, it's like we're mind programmed in school, you pretty much turn into be a clone. So yeah, they're cloning it out there. That feeling that something is wrong, is actually right! We should be soul talking, right? :P We need a major deactivation device lol.

Soon, what soul knew the words would only be words or some random abstract art concept to you. lol. ok well it turns out i got brainwashed too anyway. I was probably brainwashed pretty badly. I had no idea what I was doing the whole darn time :<


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

we got brainwashed

yes, like i mean we actually got brainwashed. obviously in this huge wide world we would get brainwashed by some larger evil unknown force around this country. im wondering how we got brainwashed, well thats the main thing we are getting at right now. its how they made brainwashed clones. they have no idea what is happening, especially when they're are evil alien clones around here. idk but satan's around there killing you in your face... and only your soul knows because we apparently got brainwashed. they make us forget what had ever happened... so that you turn into a brainwashed clone who knows nothing that happened. i am writing this because i happened to have seen what happens to a family when they come home only to get brainwashed. i only came home and tried to take my regular showers and well, a strange thing happened the moment i stepped into the shower. i heard screaming voices crying down there. it was real.. there was everything crying out down there, my whole family ... mother, the crying baby, and maybe father. they were yelling out about what happened to each other, including the real evil alien human hybrids of a clone. until, i heard it. the warning of about how sonny is gone. that would be my little baby brother. he's gone... killed... dead. only except, he only remembers everything. i knew that the moment i step out of the shower, i would stop hearing it just because i thought about coming down there to see what happened. the strange thing is ... i come out of the shower and i hear nothing. i knew it, the murderers are manipulating us. they know exactly how to hide everything the moment we come down. the only thing is... our souls are busy being brainwashed clones. we know there is something wrong happening downstairs so we come down ... for it. unfortunately, its when they brainwash us... from all the screaming, yelling, clashes, and etc. i dont know why but i remember this a million times, its actually about two or three times, but here i am. brainwashed. its like i just found out... i was so busy worrying about changing the new world that i got distracted. we know that there is a satanic ritual right in front of us until the moment we got killed and brainwashed. only some souls remember what happened.. as i might have remembered an instance where i was warned about me and my family. sadly, it is a brainwashed world and my family knew nothing but 3d matters. i knew something was up about us getting killed to the point where we turn into a different person... a brainwashed clone. only a soul would remember what really happened to us. i found out and took matters to different perspective, that we are all stuck in this brainwashed world. anyways, i knew about the illuminati mindfuck war... i was even warned at school about getting sent to that alien ufo torture chamber where we got killed on the ufo so badly, our souls came out and up. i got home then. only to find out that sonny might have been too badly killed and turned into a brainwashed clone. meaning, he is a different person. they call it "days." this is what souls are busy doing. we even get mindfucked into "reptilianization." the moment i had stepped into the shower i heard it. the satanic ritual. i heard it as clear as daytime. a huge satanic ritual happened... a car came by and some satanic priest came in to incite a ritual where they sacrifice the baby sonny. they killed him, he was dead. it all ended by the time i came running down to rescue him. i actually thought he was dead and gone... only to find a brainwashed clone and washed and dressed, he pretty much came from the outside. it was a different person. i even heard about it... enjoying "your new clone" now this is what they are hiding from us. fortunately, our souls should come back in our body. to this 3d brainwashed world
"There are many reasons to buy organic foods. The USDA Organic label tells you that fruits and veggies weren't raised using manmade chemical pesticides, fossil fuel- or sewage-based fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. On meat, the label indicates that the feeds provided met those same standards, and that the animals weren't administered hormones and antibiotics. Bottom line: "Organic" is more sustainable and healthier -- for the environment and farm workers, certainly, and often for you and your family.
How is organic healthier? It's healthier because some studies suggest that organic produce has more nutrients than its conventional counterparts, probably because the soil is left in better condition after repeated plantings; and healthier because you avoid ingesting any harmful pesticide residues left on conventional produce.
But, particularly as the economy sags and millions of Americans lose their jobs, it can be hard to afford the often-premium price charged for organic foods. That's why we've published this updated list, based on Environmental Working Group's latest compilation of government data about pesticide residue.
The fruits and vegetables on this list were the least likely to have pesticides detected on the parts you eat, after typical washing, whether or not they're certified organic. (Remember, though, that the farmworkers and the farm soil, will thank you for any organic purchases you can make.)
For a list of the foods most likely to be contaminated, see The Daily Green's feature Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods To Buy Organic.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Rants and my HW 2 doo

 First EXAM i no sure, i supposedly supposed 2 finish it.
English IV
Test Review
Macbeth: Acts I & II

ü      Scene-by-Scene Action & Details (Read footnotes and side notes. Know specific scene numbers. For example, In Act I, Scene 2….)

ü      Acts I & II Words to Own (Read footnotes and side notes.)

ü      Acts I & II Quotations: speakers, meanings, and vocabulary.

ü      Acts I & II Characters (in detail.)

Do not underestimate me on this test. It is very detailed. You probably cannot pass it by just reading summaries. And although summaries will help, you must know the original text.


 Last EXAM next thursday

Acts III, IV, V Test Review

Comprehension: Acts III, IV, V
Words to Own: III, IV, V
Famous Quotes: III, IV, V
The Sonnet ppt./Lit .Terms


Ok then, i don't know about all that late work of mines but theres one thing for suree :D 
that macbeth's famous quotes and the exams to do. i even got my test reviews up there. 
Fortunately, the Macbeth Acts III, IV, and V Exam has been moved to next thursday. Whoopeee *^v^*

Still. I gotta read the whole thing and then do those "famous quotes" thing so that i can finish it and save it somewhere... oh right. "My Account" . at echalk. SOOO then i can magically print it out somehow at Adv. or English class. Alrighty. Noow theres some plato stuff i should be doing. And that's pretty much it. Wait im supposedly supposed to be doing the little pretests and exams on English IV classie. anddd how may r thereee 

Also. As I should be going home today. Ill remember 2 bring my notebook. My new one.. loool instead of that notebook papers Looool.b Idk yy but it should be lookin like doggies on it <3

Along with that dish liquid. Idk yy but its so hard to move in my housie. The goood thing is. i got my batteries charged on my little netbook. I should also try ascending my backpackie. also stick some dish liquid and the battery chargers in my backpack so i can do me my crapptastic hw out there. but id have to finish skimming macbeth first. the hardest part would be doing the famous quotes thing. cuz it has all these directions and stuff. which means listing page numbers, characters and etc. Yeah that would be pretty much it. I don't know if i should just use commas or something. yeah just use commas then explain whatever it is. i rather type it. yep. dont worry cc theres numbers on it and you can just use a space. LOOL "spaces". yea. neways. so theres a space and then you can jsut put your explanation on it. sigh. its y ppl, that i procrastinated, cuz i keep thinking about how to type things lol. so yeah. list it and write ur explanation. alone with translation. and that would be it. * .... that planets nav bar thing.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Currently Listening to:


Its time to raise your vibrations and stay with those higher frequencies thats
so currently important as of right now ^v^
Especially Earth's new crystalline dna *wink wink lolol

ps, yall can check out my twitter page cuz i been rantin about it lately

okie dokie. ANYWAYS. theres those so called reptilian energies except for the
energies of love and light ~ :)

like you're floating on the heavens
And it is so missing right now in America.
People go everywhere, out and about 
that they forget all about being of love and or spiritual
What man should originally be created for.

... You unfortunately need some headphones and a frequency video for that.

Moree frequency videos, cuz I am currently trying to 
listen to some while i do some reptilianized homework .

*They're reptilianizing America! It's everywhere! We're supposed to be avoiding being a reptilian, and what do we do? We eat, hold, and even drive reptilian shit. It's all the demonic stuff! If you ever remeber what demions do. They are what caused all your problems. You would pretty much need an orgonite to get rid of your demons. Wink WINK 

Let's not forget, reptilians, are pretty much DEMONS. 
Demons are everywhere also called "Fallen Angels" 

Because 'demons' can disguise themselves as anything including fallen angels. Please, let's not go with the phrase "reptilianization," because it's just way too demonic anyways. We can barely get the "word" out. They are pretty much your demons. I'm telling you, those reptilians aren't gonna let you say anything about them. Neither are they going to let you say anything about demons, like what I'm trying to talk about right now, sadly, TvT. As you all know, demons came from the history book, or the bible. Whichever. The illuminati also supports it, summoning demons or whatever. Why are they called demons? Well, it so happened in the early days when there were only *brb i gotta research this =v=

Thursday, March 28, 2013

orgone tools

so like i was like looking for some supplies to make me some orgonite. you usually don't find what you actually need but i actually found me alot of websites with all this infomation about orgonite. i even found me so orgonite that costs only $35 along with the gemstones and metal shavings :3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

feng shui shopping items

hey ppl! 

feng shui shopping here.

 found me sum lotso tools
 for sum 5d ascension around here

WELL; juicy info: of solar batteries is that it works forever!  
just leave it in your electronic device o so

randomly list on my post

Bondo Fiberglass Resin  at Home Depot for 35.97
Polyblend #122 Linen 1 lb. Non-Sanded Grout at Home Depot for 4.98
Quikrete 50 lb Play Sand  at Home Depot for 3.47

leave ins, woot

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

mobius coils


  • pliers
  • 14 swg copper wire

About our Electromagnetic Field, including our Energy Field of the Chakras

"Uploaded on Oct 21, 2011
We are evolving or ascending into the AKHU (Gods and Goddesses of Light). A time when we will walk the earth and travel the heavens at the same time. We must raise our vibratory rate with the planet. Many people will die from disEases caused by Electromagnetic smog or radiation. Especially black Christians, Muslims and Hebrew Isralites because they want wake up. If you do not protect your aura and personal environment, chances are you will die an early death from many diseases such as cancer, lupus, etc. or become mentally ill. The Planet is chaning her vibration and we must change our vibration. We need protection with orgone devices and diodes." 

  • sleep disorders, which we should be immortal about 
  • usage of orgone devices
  • 4:50: living in a circulatory system in our house of electromagnetic smog
  • depletes our heart chakra and our crown chakra
  • we start to smoke and have excessive drinking
well? what can we do about it? began with the usage of orgone devices! it will save you


Ancient history of Reptilians and Demons Full Documentary by WOLVOMA

I've found something in this video, and it's really interesting. It really starts at about 42:25 or so.

It's when the Mayan Calender warned us about when the Reptilians have come to infiltrate the world and have actually did. A lot of people have suffered and died because of this. 

Great info on all about Reptilians

i found them all on these so called videos  

About Reptilians  

ill have to say that id have to leave a review cuz these tell you why, where, what and who these types of aliens are doing in this universe

reptilian war

HUGE REPTILIAN WAR *just to warn u

where? in the Milky Way

there's some reptilians out there like the well known famous person starseeder person "david icke" forums n stuff said... I am CCin like a bich. /allll those movies were true including war of worlds and i am legend. im more into jumpers a bit more tho... the 3 best movies everrr! i hope to see them again... *they basically explain how reptilians have totally affected the "inner earth humans"

a picture of how they grab on to you
anyways those reptilian frequencies are really deleting our brains ou
t. i know all about them and what they do to harm the human's complete soul... im currently more interested in whats really happening with this reptilian war against our lightships

im trying to see how their technology works. anyways. this drawing of a human and their chakras shows how an invisible being behind you can just grab on to you and attach to your very important root chakras... it especially knows how to crap up your heart chakra and cause heart attacks

they are 3d/4d and can move through time and space while being invisible... no wonder the earth is so wrong, its cause we've been strayed upon by "them"

places with alot of people living in it like the top 10 cities of the countries would be where they dwell. they like living in them to keep people brainwashed around there. they do the worse kind of evil kinds of experiments on them, and that they actually kill you. we should be having past lives about it.

currently: im trying to see what they do to you. they mindfuck you into passing time so that you grow older and just die away. we should be immortal now that we are able to have 12 strands. however, it is unfortunate that we live in those city places that they dwell in... those compters and cell phones will totally genetically mutate your dna. you would be a reptilian human hybrid. and even worse, you would be a puppet for the evil reptilians. we have to stand up for this! they'll genetically mutate your dna and you'll be a reptilian forever! we're actually parent reptilian because of this, more known as the surface humans. we're trying to get our light back. all you have to do is be 51% positive. your babies are waiting for you. they apparently make us feel their green scaley skin, theyll kill u like that. alot of us are stuck with scaley skin and meat eatin, those restaurantes r everywhere. i will hopeflly check out our 12 strands of america. its very reptilian frequencified. crystal souls know this. they avoid their parents just for this reason. apparently tricked c.c. into saving her mom and dad into "outlets" its the best they could cuz they were going to take her 2 the hospital anyway. but it didn't really do anything. they're just sitting there with their faces stuck on their office work . my dad isnt even there. he sees going back into his own vampire den, filled "tools" hes pretty much passed away. 

i my friend have seen them ever since i made my first batches of an orgonite around nov 2011. i decided to ascend outside in my random front yard around the curb and saw through so many illusions. about 4 different hybrid reptilian humans came through my neighbors yards and started to grab us... you will notice because for some reason some crapped up haarps came up my front door. i woke up to find myself in some parralel universe with a reptilian brainwashed clone stopping me from ascending in the sunlight. currenty important to know... i can see them right now and they are really attaching to the back of your collar, and its a bit painful. people are alot more slower because of this... idk how but i knew that some reptilians came to my front house and decided to take control of my parents. an evil black fridge even appeared in my new housie! what did i see? ... well i saw some yellow cat eyes. except they were of a dinosaur hybrid. that evil alien was totally grabbing on to my long gone mother. and it is no soft cat eye. its obviously evil. and like really yellow with dinosaur like stripes in the middle. they really like to annoy you into ur own hell.

i've known of some more reptilianized movies like 'Jennifer's Body', most celebs know about it and tried to tell you. well that one tried to tell you that reptilian really do exist and they live in you and eat out other people's guts... alot like those video clips that actually aren't illusions.

all those illusions you see are actually such as the red riding hood. they created these illusions to hide away from the public eye in this brainwashed world of a matrix

well theres pretty much a lot of movies that talk about it. ta ta.

Genetic DNA Mutation


Another Website Link

"9.2.1 Mutations due to errors in DNA replication and repair are frequent

Mutations can be induced in our DNA by exposure to a variety of mutagens occurring in our external environment or to mutagens generated in the intracellular environment. In the case of radiation-induced mutation, for example, Dubrova et al. 1996 reported that the normal germline mutation rate for hypervariable minisatellite loci was doubled as a consequence of heavy exposure to the radiaoctive fallout from the Chernobyl accident. However, under normal circumstances by far the greatest source of mutations is from endogenous mutation, notably spontaneous errors in DNA replication and repair. During an average human lifetime there are an estimated 1017 cell divisions: about 2 × 1014 divisions are required to generate the approximately 1014 cells in the adult, and additional mitoses are required to permit cell renewal in the case of certain cell types, notably epithelial cells (see Cairns, 1975). As each cell division requires the incorporation of 6 × 109 new nucleotides, error-free DNA replication in an average lifetime would require a DNA replication-repair process with an accuracy great enough so that the correct nucleotide was inserted on the growing DNA strands on each of about 6 × 1026 occasions.

Such a level of DNA replication fidelity is impossible to sustain; indeed, the observed fidelity of replication of DNA polymerases is very much less than this and uncorrected replication errors occur with a frequency of about 10-9-10-11 per incorporated nucleotide (see Cooper et al., 1995). As the coding DNA of an average human gene is about 1.7 kb, coding DNA mutations will occur spontaneously with an average frequency of about 1.7 × 10-6-1.7 × 10-8 per gene per cell division. Thus, during the approximately 1016 mitoses undergone in an average human lifetime, each gene will be a locus for about 108-1010 mutations (but for any one gene, only a tiny minority of cells will carry a mutation). In many cases, a deleterious gene mutation in a somatic cell will be inconsequential: the mutation may cause lethality for that single cell, but will not have consequences for other cells. However, in some cases, the mutation may lead to an inappropriate continuation of cell division, causing cancer (see Chapter 18)."

Do you know what this means? We can randomly repair our genetics with the coding of our DNA at anytime! ~ This has long been kept secret in our world. We would pretty much need our frequency of lights, also known as the chakras in our merkabah field, which isn't exactly available in the towns and cities that the people of America currently live in. We like to call them energy field in a trapped matrix. The evil money system of the government is evil and helped to cause its curruption. We technically live making 3d stuff. Fortunately, the Earth ascended and started to have new clear colors and auras in there... if you tried hard enough. The reptilians have totally crapped up our technology, its known to emit electromagnetic field waves of radiation that will genetically harm your DNA calls. Most importantly should be avoided. There's those little cell phone towers and telephone poles that emit a totally different frequency know as reptilian to the alien race called the humans... according to the evil reptilians that we are currently surrounded around on this Earth. Anyways, next post I will be talking about reptilians.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hows those Chips and Gatorades were Made

They're unfortunately built in huge factories called pepsico, we'll try 2 delete that.

They managed to renew it!

but they eat lays all the time :c

wait those r the huge lightship worker factories! They made it lays for us!

we must all avoid them lays! so we can get some fruits out in those whole foods

i finally found me some lightship worker infos ]

They told us that they're in our UFO LAYS trying to help their own factory workers :c

they're probably starseeds or something

We must change the Factory Pepsico Factories up, thanks to our Earth Angel Crystal Solars out theree

i got my huge shactories back up lol

they're pretty much made in huge shactories located somewhere in the USA

they're making the crystal solar earth angels hold up their own huge shactories of a gatorade

they're having magicallies of a magicalies about it

they're trying 2 send out those lays for it

they make them work in the huge factories forever!

they never were able to get some rest somes

they even hold up computers or netbooks about it

the crystal solar earth angels might hold some netbooks about it

we're affecting conciousness like crazy!

they're in their huge factories holding up their only emf waves

they deleted ur pineal glands pretty badly

even the factories r better

they even made it pepsico for them!

they tried to get some bbs of an shrand to the beachy sands for it!

well imm trying to get sum ascension in the sunlight for it, i tried 2 ebay sum of it

they gradually made it ebay for us :3

we might be able to get some layss out there of their factory

they'll make them read the chip bags, we should try to make it eco friendly

to the whole foods :D

There's barely any sunlight for them in there, they're trying to get some sunlight about it, they get renews al lthe time... they can barely get any sunlight especially when they're in school :c... they made it "factories" for them :c

             How Lays Are Manufactured in Pepsico Factories

i got me my netbooks back up

they even got some clumsys about it 

Friday, March 22, 2013

its ur high schools

its a terra cotta reptian war

the whooole time

n we got u sum universities

Thursday, March 21, 2013

reptilian war

idk how but those reptilians will make us our own illusions

its an angelic ufo chamber

theyll dislocate ur own arms alienified

theyll pretty much senrt u 2 ur in hell

we can see what they do in there

idk how theyll will murder u a lie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ppl r tryin 2 go 2 some places

I'm trying 2 get to sum Maps 

* we tryin 2 get shum pictures
*we tryin 2 get shum network

there on the network cryin about it seeing their own maps l0000l 2 death about it




Im trying 2 find my own wallet holding my own orgonite alivein my own pink wallet tote bag! im trying to she e it, they targeted it! they made their own target! they owned it! pretty badly. they pretty much shaw their own 5d o.o they fucked up our own intuition badly! they're tryin 2 get their own shee back.

tote bag is somewhere in ur garage


EMF Waves

or electromagnetic fields

theres barely birds out there, they make u hold there own electromagnetic waves

theres was an organite at my own home, its dead n alive in there

they make u hold it ur on emf  poor birds

it affects ur own heartbeat

u got u sum ascension back

we got u sum nature

electromagnetic fields emf waves

Americas water is badly toxined its toxic a opoisoined badly poisoined water ofs of America

Idk but we need that chembuster in the computer rooms
We can utilize the crystal frequency aura

They’re heavily infiltrating the badly brainworld of America, b/c of dat orgonite., they made her fail!

Emf protecting foods :D for the poor shun out therewith my own pineal gland aliveeill even try to get shum copper for shu orgonited it in our own 4d

Shkerrtalk in our own 4d
We’re trying 2 orgonite our own phones alive! Shent shum ppl 2 the cps

They tried 2 orgonite that school

We’re trying 2 know.those tvs r badly in the corners

We’re blue beaming sum actual orgonitethey blue beamed ur own papers 2 death

They made u shum tables with shum sh pace

They made u trap ur own reptilianized frequencies alive! , they cced 2 deasth

About those phones

We’re spacing those phones

Bbing ur own phones alives. Im seeing reptilian devices out there.

*Theres shum cell phones

Renewing Devices
*ur own utensils alive
*ur own journal
*ur own flashlight
*ur own hemp clothes
*lightworkers hemped clothes
*hemp notes