Friday, October 4, 2013

Applying for careers and colleges

have never been so hard. It takes over 3+ weeks to get any contact from them.

I want to be an actor due to my interest for performing in front of people. Besides, I can't stay reading books all day I get way to angsty after like 3 seconds of reading the first sentence. I have to practice on raising my voice too. I'm considering professional acting in college... and would like a degree for that.

I'm interested in artistic pursuits like pastry decorating or medias. Especially information technology and computer science. Those are the degrees I would like to have. My major would be art.

And can I at least be a cashier or a waitress? Staying at home with nothing to do and little cash is really boring if you ask me. Besides, I need to get out more often and meet new people. I'm tired of seeing the same ol' boring people.

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