Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My tan healthy skin!

I don't do much to get skin like this. You can see there's barely any wrinkles or imperfections on my skin. What I do though is I stay vegan, avoid sugar, drink lots of juice, and be hydrated. Fruits and vegetables you guys. I barely use a cleanser. I might use an exfoliating scrub once in a while but thats it. I used to consume lots of soda and junkfood and fast food but not anymore. My skin was not as good as now.

Actually... never mind, sleeping on an organic natural chemical free latex mattress topper as a bed is really what made my skin like this. It's not because of my diet. Because I still have the fried food a lot.

I love the organic bed. It's not just for beauty, but kept me from going sick like I used to.

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