Friday, December 5, 2014

Disposable Plastic Bubble Tea Straws... not environmentally friendly

I own a tapioca shop down in Pearland, Texas and that requires buying those Bubble Tea straws that you see online for wholesale. I realized that yes, they may help you run your business and make bubble tea or smoothies... but it can also ruin the environment. I noticed that I couldn't find any information about compostable smoothie straws. Wait a minute, never mind I just found some. They are actually called 'Jumbo Straws' ... not smoothie straws. But the even bigger ones for tapioca (bubble tea) probably don't have compostable versions. Yeah, just a did a google search for 'compostable bubble tea straws' and the results didn't come up with any legit 'compostable' ones. They do they biodegradeable... but how do you know if they are COMPOSTABLE. The best thing I can do is get the smoothie straws.

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  1. I know that this is a seriously old post, but did you ever find compostable large straws? I've ordered the "jumbo" ones you mention and they're barely even bigger than a standard straw... would love to find a better option! Big straws are an absolute must for my business as well...