Saturday, August 15, 2015

Homemade Hemp Panties

Organic panties can be really expensive so I decided to make my own. They can be about $10 for one... and that's the lowest. ✨👌🏽💖

Unfortunately, this is really only a 'pattern' using real fabric. If you know what I mean. I'm practicing my sewing skills. So, I'd like to mess up my first pieces of panties before making one with straighter or neater sewed lines. Turned out pretty good so far, but as you can see... I messed up everywhere. But, the elastic part was done quite well and looks like it will work in future panties.

Sorry about my laptop. I felt lazy. 

I got the pattern idea from:

But I gave it my own twist and used stretch cotton as the elastic.

If you wanted to know, I'll link you to where I got the materials the panties are made out of.


If you are a 'cheapo', you can substitute these types of fabric and thread.

I'll make a video on how to make clothes with stretch cotton elastic someday...

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