Saturday, September 5, 2015

My sewing machine is imperfect

Okay so, me and my sister have a sewing machine that my mom let us use. Unfortunately, the part that enabled you to wind the bobbin was broken. My sister said you had to wind it by hand. And, whoah? What? ! There's no way I am winding it by hand, I mean, that would take forever! So, I never used the sewing machine... until I finally bought that orange Janome sewing machine that I wrote about earlier.

Little did I know, IT 'SUCKS'! If you ever want to sew right, don't buy that stupid cheap walmart sewing machine like I did. I only bought it so I could wind the bobbin. Even my mom's old sewing machine works 1000x better than this. I had such a hard time sewing things, and it always bunched up for some strange reason. Once I switched to my mom's sewing machine, I realized how good of a sewist I am. The orange sewing machine made me suck! I thought I was just really bad. But nope, I am actually normal. Anyways, I will be deleting the sewing machine page.

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