Monday, November 7, 2016

Frustrated With All The Bills? Here's How To Make Passive Money With AirBnb

Own a home. It's not as hard as it may sound with all those people complaining about how homes are unachievable. They are quite achievable even if you don't have exactly the amount of cash they ask for. What you need is a loan from a trusted lender like Wells Fargo. Make sure you read the fine print and avoid ones with fees and interests that are 100x your inital payment.

Now, owning a home doesn't always mean that you have to stay near the home. You can be smart with August Smartlock and hire housekeepers through TaskRabbit or For example, I am planning on my house to have indoor houseplants that filter the air so I need them nice and lush. That requires someone to water the plants. Just hire someone to do this as an odd job or errand. No need to be there in person. This allows you to own several different places at one time. Keeping track of all the furniture you'd like to keep. Great for materialistic people.

Some people are boring and don't do anything. Well, not when you have complete control over your space.

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