Monday, November 14, 2016

I am quitting my Vegan Diet

I had chicken today... and purposely broke my vegan diet. I give up on being so strict. I still like veganism though. I mean, I don't want to erase veganism away from my diet. I like fruits and stuff like that. But the reason why I like it is because I hate milk. Eggs are ok if it's like century eggs. But dairy is disgusting. And honestly, there is a map that shows the amount of people who eat meat in the world which I will give the link to. I got this from my vegan professor... Lewis.…. Where I live is probably has the most meat eaters in the world in power. So, it is oviosuly why it is so hard to eat a vegan diet here. I am tired of people giving me looks. Also, my family constant tells me to have meat. But, if you ever want to be vegan there are places to be in like California and India. Also, when my roomate started to cook meat that was most likely pure meat. It was the most delicious smell I ever smelt and that makes me think that I am actually an ape that has evolved to eat meat. Obviously. I can tell the difference between fake meat and real meat. Real meat tastes and smells like crack but vegetables and grain on the other hand are extremely plain. Every time I see vegetables I honestly have to work hard just to keep trying to eat it. I have to pretend to like fruits and vegetables. It must be a natural instinct.

I still hate getting my hands dirty. I feel kind of guilty... Anyways,

I may have quit, but that doesn't stop me from being humane. I despise pain and suffering. It hurts me to think that living things have the ability to feel pain. I know that eating meat means that you have to kill animals. But just kill them the right way. To do that, make sure that before you start cutting them up... knock them out and make them unconscious. Or, you can let them bleed out and they will forever be 'gone'. Letting them bleed out means that they don't feel any pain except for the slice. I got this from a butcher who makes YouTube videos of his butchering. I also have taken biology classes... so that helps.

Anyways, I know I can eat meat but don't like dairy. So I would go to, like, East Asia.

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