Saturday, February 23, 2013

i believe in this mind control forum topic

about how we've all been mind programmed to different things, and in different places or settings of the 3rd dimension. i shall be making a post about mind programming and how people's brains have been controlled like ant the whole time. especially this topic by the topic starter:

making a post is hard, you have to choose the right words for this 

but we get freaking brainwashed from our soul so that you actually see the 3rd dimensional reality ... by whom? people getting mind controlled of course, by evil alien shapeshifters. or what i would like to call the, reptilians. this is where the mind controlling would be... they don't want us to know about them reptilians they get to our subconscious mind, which is how mind programming usually works, i found out from googling how mind programming works to see this website

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