Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New world stuff and interests, and welcome to my new blog...

Hello world! This will be my first blog post of my second blog site, the other one I totally ditched. Anyways...this blog layout will look a lot more attractive later on for I am too lazy to do anything with it now.

I am getting to know more about how humans and Earth originally started off. In fact, I totally know about how other life outside of this world exists. There are positive, peace seeking ones called the humans (which should be us but we've been too corrupted by evil forces), including others that I have forgotten about but might post somewhere on this new website of mines. It's more of a personal thing and I pretty much will be writing whatever is on my mind. Idk. I'm going to be so excited about my new blog of mines :D. 

But wait, before I go, I've got something important to tell you. There are evil aliens that plan to control the whole universe, but so far they're pretty much trying to control the whole Milky Way galaxy! And, they are called the reptilians. They should be invisible and they plan to control us humans, for they are evil and don't care about anything Humans care about... such as taking care of babies. 

As time passed by, I seemed to have awakened to whats really going on this world. Well see ya later. 

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