Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Solar Flashlights

I'm getting a new flashlight with my paypal money that I had leftover. Best of all, they're freaking solar powered, YAY. And I have no idea which one I should get. I finally managed to list them down below. So as you can see there's the one with a phone charger and there's one with just the light, but they're all powered by the sun.

So which one should I get? I have no freaking idea. Sigh. I'm like so indecisive. I was thinking about going with the one with the phone charger because it has all in one, but the it's more bulkier and less bright. It would be a nice shape just for placing it on flat ground in the sun, :p.

The one with just a flashlight and cylinder shaped is a lot more cleaner and sleek looking. There's actually a 5 LED and a 7 LED one but with one small difference. And that is the shape of the flashlight head. The 5 LED one is totally straight and smooth while the 7 LED has a bulbular flashlight head at the end. It would be a lot easier to fit the 5 LED in a pocket or your purse just because it's more portable. The only good thing about the 7 LED is that it's got 7 LEDs, which would be a brighter. Cost wise, it's worth it because it's only a dollar more than the 5 LED. :D

Fortunately, I managed to find one on eBay for really cheap, in my case. Or compared to Amazon. Anyways, here are some that I picked out for me.

Flashlight, Phone Charger and an FM Radio in 1

Solar Battery Panel FM Radio 4LED Flashlight Hand Torch Smartphone Phone Charger | eBay

New Solar Charger Flashlight 6 LED FM Radio 1500mAh USB

Emergency Backup Solar Powered FM Radio LED Flashlight Torch Cell Phone Charger

Luckily, there's some video reviews of them!


I just took a look at the prices and realized the ones with the phone charger are several dollars too expensive. So, I'm going to buy the 7 LED one, because first of all, it's the most brightest and cheap at its cost, and hopefully lighter. ... Actually it's because a phone charger isn't exactly on the top of my list, plus they're more expensive and less bright.

Super Bright LED Flashlight (nothing but a flashlight)


Super Solar Power Flashlight 7 LED Camping Torch Lamp

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