Monday, April 1, 2013


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Its time to raise your vibrations and stay with those higher frequencies thats
so currently important as of right now ^v^
Especially Earth's new crystalline dna *wink wink lolol

ps, yall can check out my twitter page cuz i been rantin about it lately

okie dokie. ANYWAYS. theres those so called reptilian energies except for the
energies of love and light ~ :)

like you're floating on the heavens
And it is so missing right now in America.
People go everywhere, out and about 
that they forget all about being of love and or spiritual
What man should originally be created for.

... You unfortunately need some headphones and a frequency video for that.

Moree frequency videos, cuz I am currently trying to 
listen to some while i do some reptilianized homework .

*They're reptilianizing America! It's everywhere! We're supposed to be avoiding being a reptilian, and what do we do? We eat, hold, and even drive reptilian shit. It's all the demonic stuff! If you ever remeber what demions do. They are what caused all your problems. You would pretty much need an orgonite to get rid of your demons. Wink WINK 

Let's not forget, reptilians, are pretty much DEMONS. 
Demons are everywhere also called "Fallen Angels" 

Because 'demons' can disguise themselves as anything including fallen angels. Please, let's not go with the phrase "reptilianization," because it's just way too demonic anyways. We can barely get the "word" out. They are pretty much your demons. I'm telling you, those reptilians aren't gonna let you say anything about them. Neither are they going to let you say anything about demons, like what I'm trying to talk about right now, sadly, TvT. As you all know, demons came from the history book, or the bible. Whichever. The illuminati also supports it, summoning demons or whatever. Why are they called demons? Well, it so happened in the early days when there were only *brb i gotta research this =v=

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