Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Rants and my HW 2 doo

 First EXAM i no sure, i supposedly supposed 2 finish it.
English IV
Test Review
Macbeth: Acts I & II

ü      Scene-by-Scene Action & Details (Read footnotes and side notes. Know specific scene numbers. For example, In Act I, Scene 2….)

ü      Acts I & II Words to Own (Read footnotes and side notes.)

ü      Acts I & II Quotations: speakers, meanings, and vocabulary.

ü      Acts I & II Characters (in detail.)

Do not underestimate me on this test. It is very detailed. You probably cannot pass it by just reading summaries. And although summaries will help, you must know the original text.


 Last EXAM next thursday

Acts III, IV, V Test Review

Comprehension: Acts III, IV, V
Words to Own: III, IV, V
Famous Quotes: III, IV, V
The Sonnet ppt./Lit .Terms


Ok then, i don't know about all that late work of mines but theres one thing for suree :D 
that macbeth's famous quotes and the exams to do. i even got my test reviews up there. 
Fortunately, the Macbeth Acts III, IV, and V Exam has been moved to next thursday. Whoopeee *^v^*

Still. I gotta read the whole thing and then do those "famous quotes" thing so that i can finish it and save it somewhere... oh right. "My Account" . at echalk. SOOO then i can magically print it out somehow at Adv. or English class. Alrighty. Noow theres some plato stuff i should be doing. And that's pretty much it. Wait im supposedly supposed to be doing the little pretests and exams on English IV classie. anddd how may r thereee 

Also. As I should be going home today. Ill remember 2 bring my notebook. My new one.. loool instead of that notebook papers Looool.b Idk yy but it should be lookin like doggies on it <3

Along with that dish liquid. Idk yy but its so hard to move in my housie. The goood thing is. i got my batteries charged on my little netbook. I should also try ascending my backpackie. also stick some dish liquid and the battery chargers in my backpack so i can do me my crapptastic hw out there. but id have to finish skimming macbeth first. the hardest part would be doing the famous quotes thing. cuz it has all these directions and stuff. which means listing page numbers, characters and etc. Yeah that would be pretty much it. I don't know if i should just use commas or something. yeah just use commas then explain whatever it is. i rather type it. yep. dont worry cc theres numbers on it and you can just use a space. LOOL "spaces". yea. neways. so theres a space and then you can jsut put your explanation on it. sigh. its y ppl, that i procrastinated, cuz i keep thinking about how to type things lol. so yeah. list it and write ur explanation. alone with translation. and that would be it. *astro.com .... that planets nav bar thing.

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