Wednesday, April 3, 2013

we got brainwashed

yes, like i mean we actually got brainwashed. obviously in this huge wide world we would get brainwashed by some larger evil unknown force around this country. im wondering how we got brainwashed, well thats the main thing we are getting at right now. its how they made brainwashed clones. they have no idea what is happening, especially when they're are evil alien clones around here. idk but satan's around there killing you in your face... and only your soul knows because we apparently got brainwashed. they make us forget what had ever happened... so that you turn into a brainwashed clone who knows nothing that happened. i am writing this because i happened to have seen what happens to a family when they come home only to get brainwashed. i only came home and tried to take my regular showers and well, a strange thing happened the moment i stepped into the shower. i heard screaming voices crying down there. it was real.. there was everything crying out down there, my whole family ... mother, the crying baby, and maybe father. they were yelling out about what happened to each other, including the real evil alien human hybrids of a clone. until, i heard it. the warning of about how sonny is gone. that would be my little baby brother. he's gone... killed... dead. only except, he only remembers everything. i knew that the moment i step out of the shower, i would stop hearing it just because i thought about coming down there to see what happened. the strange thing is ... i come out of the shower and i hear nothing. i knew it, the murderers are manipulating us. they know exactly how to hide everything the moment we come down. the only thing is... our souls are busy being brainwashed clones. we know there is something wrong happening downstairs so we come down ... for it. unfortunately, its when they brainwash us... from all the screaming, yelling, clashes, and etc. i dont know why but i remember this a million times, its actually about two or three times, but here i am. brainwashed. its like i just found out... i was so busy worrying about changing the new world that i got distracted. we know that there is a satanic ritual right in front of us until the moment we got killed and brainwashed. only some souls remember what happened.. as i might have remembered an instance where i was warned about me and my family. sadly, it is a brainwashed world and my family knew nothing but 3d matters. i knew something was up about us getting killed to the point where we turn into a different person... a brainwashed clone. only a soul would remember what really happened to us. i found out and took matters to different perspective, that we are all stuck in this brainwashed world. anyways, i knew about the illuminati mindfuck war... i was even warned at school about getting sent to that alien ufo torture chamber where we got killed on the ufo so badly, our souls came out and up. i got home then. only to find out that sonny might have been too badly killed and turned into a brainwashed clone. meaning, he is a different person. they call it "days." this is what souls are busy doing. we even get mindfucked into "reptilianization." the moment i had stepped into the shower i heard it. the satanic ritual. i heard it as clear as daytime. a huge satanic ritual happened... a car came by and some satanic priest came in to incite a ritual where they sacrifice the baby sonny. they killed him, he was dead. it all ended by the time i came running down to rescue him. i actually thought he was dead and gone... only to find a brainwashed clone and washed and dressed, he pretty much came from the outside. it was a different person. i even heard about it... enjoying "your new clone" now this is what they are hiding from us. fortunately, our souls should come back in our body. to this 3d brainwashed world

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