Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Raw foodist house dream

I really think that all these houses with all the same old doors and stairs are just plain ol' boring. Never mind mansions, I always dreamt of being able to build your own house! You know, since I am planning on going raw forever, who needs an oven, stove or a microwave?! Well, definitely not me!


#1, You could be using the extra space for more things.

You can count on me to be eating cold tofurkey pizza (vegan)! I did an experiment on myself where I basically ate the cold pizza first because I didn't want to wait 15 whole minutes for the conventional oven to bake it for me. And I never like to use the microwave, too. So, I ate it cold. It was delicious! Or maybe I was just too hungry... I don't know. I ate a few slices then put the rest into the oven (it's a small one). It didn't taste as good as cold and I figured I'm never baking tofurkey pizza again. This just gives me even more reason to not get an oven.

No more ovens!

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