Tuesday, July 29, 2014

College decision

I have decided not to go to college anymore until I have a good reason why I want to go back. This is due to my experience with my current class I am taking

Besides, I need more time to think about things. My brain is not functioning properly and is causing my grade levels to drop. However, most dangerous of all is my emotional and physical health is in jeopardy too. 

Edit: I just read my own post and realized that my speech and grammar is failing on me. It is most likely that I am going back to my schizophrenic symptoms because it has been several months (since the beginning of the year) that have not taken the medicine for my illness. However, I am taking niacin so it is not as severe.

Anyways, I am taking environmental science for a class in college. And my professor said that we need pesticides. Unacceptable. I do agree that we do need pesticides for more food but I don't agree that we should be using them. As a person who has been consuming foods made with pesticides, my health has declined drastically. It is only when I eat organic (foods that are not made with pesticides or GMO's) that my health would return back to normal. 

When will people wake up?

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