Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Studio House Idea!

So while working, gettng hungry, and then getting some vegan food to eat... I realized that I make food because I think I need food but then I don't even eat it. I just feel  comforted by the fact that I have food to eat. Well, I thought "what a waste..." If I feel less hungry/comforted by just being near so live plants, which I have these herb salad greens on my plate right now... Well, why don't I just bring an indoor plant inside and work next to it? 

Yeah, well my workplace has very little light. It will die. And I don't believe in using synthetic lights, only natural. I want the best for my plants, meaning natural and direct sunlight in its own natural environment.

So I thought of this house idea: 

House with walls but with a glass rooftop that can open and let direct sunlight in where the purpose is to be able to live/work in the house alongside with indoor plants yet giving them their natural environment. Two sides of the room's walls can be solid and the other half of the sides can be glass to allow more sunlight in.

This idea also saves land! 

House with five stories but has only one room and etc on each floor.


Floor 1: Hall
Floor x: Bathroom
Floor x: Bedroom
Floor x: Library

Floor x: Whatever

Instead of a two story house that has 5-6 rooms on the ground floor that takes up a lot of gardening space, you can have more garden with the 4-6 story! Why 4-6? Well, most people would have a room at the ground floor for easy access to whatever that room is used. I probably wouldn't be putting a bed on the ground floor (when the ground is only one room) unless I only used my home for sleeping. People/stuff/ and things would be going in and out of the ground floor a lot. 

The ground floor would also be used to move to the specific floor that they would want. However, there really is no limit to the different ways to possibly allow for transportation to specific floors. For example, instead of stairs on the inside, add stairs to the outside. You would instantly feel like you were at beach resort! 


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