Friday, September 5, 2014

My experience with the niacin flush

I searched online for some cures for schizophrenia (im unfortunately diagnosed with it) and a lot of people mentioned niacin. Well, If I take over 100mg of niacin at all I will have an very uncomfortable reaction to it. My skin will feel hot and itchy. Well, since I want to avoid the negative effects of schizophrenia I will definitely want to take a pill everyday. I spent a month taking 100mg of niacin a day and feel that I can now double it. Now I am taking 300mg a day and soon I will be taking 500mg. It's not working out very well. But it is much less noticeable when you take the pill while you are eating or right after you are eating something heavy. It's not easy though when you are on the raw food diet because even if I have a smoothie with the pill it will make my skin itchy. But you can try to have milk (vegan) and it will lessen the comfortableness. However, I like to be on the safe side and have my pill first thing in the morning, because I don't always like to eat first. I like to finish things (chores) before eating anything. In that case, I just have my glass of water and a pill. I have to endure it. At that point, I guess my survival skills just kicked in because I realized the reason why my skin was turning so red and itchy everytime even though I was on a clean diet. That reason is......... WAIT DON'T SAY IT.


That's right, even our clothes are treated with tons of chemicals! Your bed, just is full of poison. Ever heard of flame retardants? If so, then good. I even hear about how gas and plastic fumes come from cars, and I remember all the acrylic craft paint I leave in my... ahem.. bedroom. imagine breathing in that stuff everytime you sleep! 

After I couldn't stand the itchiness anymore I figured it out and took off all my clothes. (You can laugh.) Don't worry, I put them back on after the redness subsided. Anyways, I didn't even want to keep my underwear on, haha. and going outside helped. I started to clean out my closet and was shocked at the reason why my life was such a torture, it's because I had all these toxic fabrics in my closet! Polyester, rayon, nylon, you name it. They were in my bras too. One of the main reasons why so many women had breast cancer. I am so glad that I have this type of knowledge. And a lot of stuff that I bought for cheap on eBay were made of toxic material. These included the cheap no show panties, pink leggings, and satin bed sheets, all made in china. They were so toxic. I have ridded all of these.

I dumped them outside in a cardboard box. It was so toxic that my neighbors even stopped going outside to work on their project. They only worked away from it and I saw one person wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

Also, I kept only the ones I liked in plastic storage container outside of my bed room.

It did wonders for the quality of my health (life)! When I'm flushing from niacin, replacing my clothing will actually stop making me flush. Meaning that you have less toxins to get rid of. Which makes sense.

Edit: OH MY GOD. I can't believe this but, you never know what's really the problem until you look at yourself. What I mean is, I've been running around chasing away all the bad fabric and materials away when it's right in front of you! Yeah, I got rid of my polyester pillowcase and thought I would need a new one but what I really needed was a new pillow! As I was unboxing my new 100% cotton comforter and Egyptian cotton duvet cover, I decided to take a look at what material my pillow was made of and it was 100% polyester! I feel like my life is over. There goes my life! I think I remember getting these cheap toxic poisonous pillows from huge department stores like walmart or target. This is just cruel. This just furthers the fact that toxins are everywhere. 

Edit 2: Rayon may actually not be toxic. It may be made from natural materials.

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