Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What happened to my laptop

So if you read my last blog post, I did get to buy me a laptop, unfortunately, I used financial aid and not real money. But, you can pay it off. Anyways, I really wanted a laptop that had at least 8 gb of ram, slim, lightweight, windows 8, 13 in (ultra book... Nice for traveling and playing games at same time) touchscreen, is a tablet and have plenty of hard drive space. But the ones that weren't black were on the pricey side, for example the white one is at least 1,200 dollars. I could only get something that's less than 800 dollars. So, I figured Id rather the working parts over the looks, as that is what matters anyway. Which is why I got a win 8 lenovo intel i7 touchscreen twist able tablet 8gb ram 13.3 in screen! Except, it's black and red ... But I don't mind especially when's it's got everything I want! I do need a powerful laptop because I run a lot of programs that need a lot of power. The god thing is, when it is the light, it is slightly purple... And the cover is quite velvety. I have added some pics the day I first got it (unboxing). 

So yea. Pretty awesome. I also managed to get me the screen protector and a nice case. I also got me a nice wireless mouse for it. 

Anyways, as you can see it is partly red... But since I believe having red and black together is evil I like to think of it as more red orange. I don't think that type of color is totally red. Another plus for me.

Edit: I really shouldnt have bought it. I should have listened to my dad, who said I should return it right away. I forgot that I had to get one with a dedicated graphics card. It only has integrated. The graphics card makes a huge difference when you're gaming. I didn't really notice until the moment I started to play Life Is Strange. 

Worse still, I had an episode and knocked my one piece of furniture, a closet, down which cracked my laptop. It doesn't matter because it still works like new. Just cosmetic damage to the ports and case. I want to sell it though. Not because of the damage but because of I barely use the powerful laptop. It's an ultrabook, which does powerful things than just using a browser or watching videos. And I felt like it was missing the gaming capability that I was going to get in a better desktop gaming computer where I can also use memory consuming applications like Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro. I could just buy a cheaper laptop dedicated to browsers and videos. And I mean 4GB ram ones. Like:

It's got a ton of great reviews. And super cheap. However, I know I won't be able to edit any videos on the go. But that's why I can just travel back home to do it. 

Thanks to economy... 😅

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