Friday, April 25, 2014

Tshirt refashion

So now that I have my own sewing machine, I can do a lot of stuff with all these ugly clothes, no offense. XD, so this is going to be the 2nd clothing I ever started to make in my whole entire life. Note, that I have learned to sew, but without a sewing machine... I didn't need any tutorial for this because i am just simply smart with geometry! Haha jk but srsly tho o.o, . 
So, I was thinking about donating all these Tshirts I had but ten I realized that would be a waste of money when you can use the fabric to practice sewing. I especially didn't want to give this one away because I really like this type of artwork, and redesigning the shirt would make it just wonderful!

What I did was outline my favorite tee shirt on the overmatched tshirt to make it fit me! I left 1 inch so I could I have space to sew it together. Ignore the blue line, I messed up. 

Then, what I did was fold it in half and cut of the outline.

Then, the same for the sleeves.

Turn the shirt inside out and pin together the sides to sew... Leaving holes for the arms.

Sew together the sides of the torso.

Voila. Sorry about the orange thread, it's the only color I have. But it's no problem cuz it can only be seen on the inside.

Now for the tricky part... The sleeves. I unfortunately messed up on that... So ... ITS GOING TO BE A TANK TOP NOW.

I outlined where I want the tank top to be. 

Fold in half and cut for the neckline, leaving an inch to sew.

Arm holes are a bit tricky.

Finished cutting outline.

Pin the sides for hem and get ready to sew.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is being naughty and keeps knotting up so, it shall be continued...

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