Tuesday, March 26, 2013

reptilian war

HUGE REPTILIAN WAR *just to warn u

where? in the Milky Way

there's some reptilians out there like the well known famous person starseeder person "david icke" forums n stuff said... I am CCin like a bich. /allll those movies were true including war of worlds and i am legend. im more into jumpers a bit more tho... the 3 best movies everrr! i hope to see them again... *they basically explain how reptilians have totally affected the "inner earth humans"

a picture of how they grab on to you
anyways those reptilian frequencies are really deleting our brains ou
t. i know all about them and what they do to harm the human's complete soul... im currently more interested in whats really happening with this reptilian war against our lightships

im trying to see how their technology works. anyways. this drawing of a human and their chakras shows how an invisible being behind you can just grab on to you and attach to your very important root chakras... it especially knows how to crap up your heart chakra and cause heart attacks

they are 3d/4d and can move through time and space while being invisible... no wonder the earth is so wrong, its cause we've been strayed upon by "them"

places with alot of people living in it like the top 10 cities of the countries would be where they dwell. they like living in them to keep people brainwashed around there. they do the worse kind of evil kinds of experiments on them, and that they actually kill you. we should be having past lives about it.

currently: im trying to see what they do to you. they mindfuck you into passing time so that you grow older and just die away. we should be immortal now that we are able to have 12 strands. however, it is unfortunate that we live in those city places that they dwell in... those compters and cell phones will totally genetically mutate your dna. you would be a reptilian human hybrid. and even worse, you would be a puppet for the evil reptilians. we have to stand up for this! they'll genetically mutate your dna and you'll be a reptilian forever! we're actually parent reptilian because of this, more known as the surface humans. we're trying to get our light back. all you have to do is be 51% positive. your babies are waiting for you. they apparently make us feel their green scaley skin, theyll kill u like that. alot of us are stuck with scaley skin and meat eatin, those restaurantes r everywhere. i will hopeflly check out our 12 strands of america. its very reptilian frequencified. crystal souls know this. they avoid their parents just for this reason. apparently tricked c.c. into saving her mom and dad into "outlets" its the best they could cuz they were going to take her 2 the hospital anyway. but it didn't really do anything. they're just sitting there with their faces stuck on their office work . my dad isnt even there. he sees going back into his own vampire den, filled "tools" hes pretty much passed away. 

i my friend have seen them ever since i made my first batches of an orgonite around nov 2011. i decided to ascend outside in my random front yard around the curb and saw through so many illusions. about 4 different hybrid reptilian humans came through my neighbors yards and started to grab us... you will notice because for some reason some crapped up haarps came up my front door. i woke up to find myself in some parralel universe with a reptilian brainwashed clone stopping me from ascending in the sunlight. currenty important to know... i can see them right now and they are really attaching to the back of your collar, and its a bit painful. people are alot more slower because of this... idk how but i knew that some reptilians came to my front house and decided to take control of my parents. an evil black fridge even appeared in my new housie! what did i see? ... well i saw some yellow cat eyes. except they were of a dinosaur hybrid. that evil alien was totally grabbing on to my long gone mother. and it is no soft cat eye. its obviously evil. and like really yellow with dinosaur like stripes in the middle. they really like to annoy you into ur own hell.

i've known of some more reptilianized movies like 'Jennifer's Body', most celebs know about it and tried to tell you. well that one tried to tell you that reptilian really do exist and they live in you and eat out other people's guts... alot like those video clips that actually aren't illusions.

all those illusions you see are actually such as the red riding hood. they created these illusions to hide away from the public eye in this brainwashed world of a matrix

well theres pretty much a lot of movies that talk about it. ta ta.

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