Monday, March 25, 2013

Hows those Chips and Gatorades were Made

They're unfortunately built in huge factories called pepsico, we'll try 2 delete that.

They managed to renew it!

but they eat lays all the time :c

wait those r the huge lightship worker factories! They made it lays for us!

we must all avoid them lays! so we can get some fruits out in those whole foods

i finally found me some lightship worker infos ]

They told us that they're in our UFO LAYS trying to help their own factory workers :c

they're probably starseeds or something

We must change the Factory Pepsico Factories up, thanks to our Earth Angel Crystal Solars out theree

i got my huge shactories back up lol

they're pretty much made in huge shactories located somewhere in the USA

they're making the crystal solar earth angels hold up their own huge shactories of a gatorade

they're having magicallies of a magicalies about it

they're trying 2 send out those lays for it

they make them work in the huge factories forever!

they never were able to get some rest somes

they even hold up computers or netbooks about it

the crystal solar earth angels might hold some netbooks about it

we're affecting conciousness like crazy!

they're in their huge factories holding up their only emf waves

they deleted ur pineal glands pretty badly

even the factories r better

they even made it pepsico for them!

they tried to get some bbs of an shrand to the beachy sands for it!

well imm trying to get sum ascension in the sunlight for it, i tried 2 ebay sum of it

they gradually made it ebay for us :3

we might be able to get some layss out there of their factory

they'll make them read the chip bags, we should try to make it eco friendly

to the whole foods :D

There's barely any sunlight for them in there, they're trying to get some sunlight about it, they get renews al lthe time... they can barely get any sunlight especially when they're in school :c... they made it "factories" for them :c

             How Lays Are Manufactured in Pepsico Factories

i got me my netbooks back up

they even got some clumsys about it 

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