Tuesday, March 19, 2013

electromagnetic fields emf waves

Americas water is badly toxined its toxic a opoisoined badly poisoined water ofs of America

Idk but we need that chembuster in the computer rooms
We can utilize the crystal frequency aura

They’re heavily infiltrating the badly brainworld of America, b/c of dat orgonite., they made her fail!

Emf protecting foods :D for the poor shun out therewith my own pineal gland aliveeill even try to get shum copper for shu orgonited it in our own 4d

Shkerrtalk in our own 4d
We’re trying 2 orgonite our own phones alive! Shent shum ppl 2 the cps

They tried 2 orgonite that school

We’re trying 2 know.those tvs r badly in the corners

We’re blue beaming sum actual orgonitethey blue beamed ur own papers 2 death

They made u shum tables with shum sh pace

They made u trap ur own reptilianized frequencies alive! , they cced 2 deasth

About those phones

We’re spacing those phones

Bbing ur own phones alives. Im seeing reptilian devices out there.

*Theres shum cell phones

Renewing Devices
*ur own utensils alive
*ur own journal
*ur own flashlight
*ur own hemp clothes
*lightworkers hemped clothes
*hemp notes

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