Sunday, March 17, 2013


9th Level Soul Power *lightship workers will help u ;] *how reptilians clone u 2 death! As of Now, Conciousness is currently on the 9th Level, b/c we're dealing with souls it's the Big Quantum Leap, and that it took alot of effort ;] * We're ALL Helping each other 2 channelize, and that they r currently hearing souls cry out from the channelize C.C. managed to get u sum Light about it, she managed 2 tell us what the illuminati is they badly atked her for it n that she connected 2 u, w/ crystalline qualities :} they were cloning me 2 death about it! * the save thing rly helps! they were actually channelizing me 2 death about it ! i got 2 saw the 6th D. i managed 2 peace it, b/c they were channelizing me n tila 2 death about it! Tila says that we got cloned 2 death and that we tried 2 get the MASS for it, n that we finally got it out! , they mindfucked her badly! , ur Soul is everywhere! The crystals helped u for it! and that the lightship workers managed to get an angel cusp crystal out from the badly mind programmed brainwashed world ;]

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