Tuesday, March 19, 2013

kim is dead n alive in her own odonneled midle shkerr meetin school * we cped 2 death 4 it
they reptilianized demselves in their own odonnel schooll! they're ownly little preteens about their own odonnel middle school, they're tryin 2 crry out for skerr high school taylor ed it

we got our own taylor, odonnel, and shkerr back

in kerr *we made u sum light orgonite* ofor our own blog post about it*, im cin clappin of little shkids!

idk how but kerr high school cped 2 death n murder!
they could b barely shay murder

they actually became demon slayers about they're own shayer about it1


they shent dem 2 shkerr

they're shtuck in their own showned odonneled showned middle school, they made it it

we cced odonnel 2 death! 8taylored c.c.

taylor high school n odonnell middle school were actually able to shee shum windows!

shkerr barely has windows!,
shkerrrmeetin, we'll try 2 get on the left side of the shkool.
they were cping in their cp

odonnelln taylor tryin 2 get u shum crysthalline.
2 lockers 2 shum crhystlline airs

odonnelntaylor, they made it light in their own light near deh windows

taylor is badly filled w/ pineal glanders *
they're badly cryin out, about schizo orgonite

kerr's middle hall is heavily reptilianized or heavily infiltrated

they made their own english class

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