Sunday, March 17, 2013

Healing Frequencies as Crystalline Frequencies that the Orgonite Aurifyied

hello, . im no spiritual master but i came 2 tell u about crystalline frequencies, i am a cusp crystal channelizing poor n tortured crystal souls... they said they're getting cloned 2 death and that conciousness is dead n that u managed to get some ascension in the sunlight :) we're teh ascended ones n that tila managed 2 make me 6D n they ended up cloning the previewers reading this blog post 2 death of the badly brainwashed world, there's the rainbow souls out there and ascensioners out thee connecting to C.c. cuz they also affected conciousness about this on the 5D Ascension forums, we all managed to help unbrainwash and affect conciousness! HELP, the reptilians got to the ascensioner o the ascended ones badly@! we're being all one w/ each other and that the lightship worrkes helped us get it out! we were still badlu mind programmed. we trying 2 get 2 the orgonite! we in the brainwashed world, they mind fuck us badly it n make us end up channelizing 2 death b/c they, the illumnati and evil reptilians made us think, they even channelize us 2 death! they will kil us badly 4 it! we can baely get the right words out! they ruin everything! with the delete theres cusp crystals badly dying out there! they get killed just because they ascended and that c.c. managed to ascended, i ascended pretty badly -there is a strong illusions on it- n that we had to get 2 the mass! the earth angels with those lightshipworkers called the rainbow souls that connect with the lightship workers to help become 5D, or rather becoming 6th Dimensional! klisten 2 me! They Kill The 6th Dimensional Earth Angels badly! they're trying 2 show u wut the 6th dimensional earth angels r. they're actually lightship worker angels that can teleport anywhere, and that they have their own calling carrd or soul power. they mkind fuck their soul power badly! in the 6th dimensional realm the 6th Dimensional reealm is just above the 5D Soul Realm We Finally Managed 2 Connect to what the 6th Dimensional realm and that we hoped 2 ascend ppl barely read Tila's FB page b/c they clone u 2 death the earth angels out there know about conciousness 4 the r in the 6D realm im typing pretty fast for this on my small netbook about it the earth angels r supposedly 7D and that they got 2 ur soul in the 6th dimension see ya later C.C.

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