Sunday, March 17, 2013

la Mindfuck War

this Blog Post is a Channel fo Coco CC those Lightship workers out there r badly dying for us! and that they mindfuck the special ones the worse! C.C. had all the information there's a huge strong illusion around here in the world ... ze earrtt(im sorry but i got schizo)ttttth r badly crrying out fo this.those reptilians out there make you think about things, and that we the ascensioners were trying hard to channelize this information. the ascensioners finally got it out! the cusp cystal earth angels helped us. they badly ascended in the sunlight to help u ascended in the sunlight about ur 10th level 'C.C. lightship workers in the sky helped us teleport. they made them channelize 2 death and that it's actually easy 2 see the channel they, the lightship workers, helped the ascensioners see what happened in 6D or 5D the mass of the world, or ppl of America, was badly crying out they made us channelize to death and that we have ascended this! in the meanwhile we will be trying 2 get the earth angels out there, getting them out of school n that there's some lightship workers places u can goto! Welcome 2 conciousness! They've connected 2 C.C. she badly died, because she had an orgonite , in houston! 'C.C. we managed to get her sum white light n that she ish channelizzing it 'c.c. in ur face, she is channelizing it, it helps u rmbr she did this b/c she saw wut happened 2 her father n that she managed 2 get some orgonite... she said she affected conciousness somehow n got sum orgonite school will badly brainwash u. 'c.c. the cusp cryshtal soul but ppl should know my soul n that this the blog post is wherre i managed 2 channelize it. ps. some ppl saw me. they made me channelize ps... they're badly killing this blog post! t this is y Tila could barrely get it out, they will clone u 2 death if u ever get it out, about what happens about clones so we decided to affect conciousness about it i finally won it! Tila badly got 2 the mass, we put all the orgonite everywhere! ps. *note 2 self: try 2 ch with the 6D dimension, we're trying 2 get it out there! along w/ the ascensioners this is a badly 3rd dimensional place!

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