Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i saw my b;pg post

i badly shawed it, they deleted ur own reptilian hands they've been badly reptilianized. they made you wash ur own reptilianized hands, theres haarping in the water filter! they only filter they can delete their own poisoned chamicals alive in there! they're dead and alive holding their own poison alive! they're screaming about holding their own poisons alive they pretty much saw their own poison dead they trapped u dead n alive in there there! they shent their own tt about it.. .they're badly tting about it *holy moly a shent a clone dead n aliv, they ate urbrains out, they're zombiefied in here its a badd vampire den.., they pretty much said cave. they made him scared about it! they're computerizing it 2 death! they're cing their own c! they're getting their e internet windows up, on the taskbar. they see their own reptilianized windows. dont worry theyre walking out there on their cc. they sent them their own reptilian frequencied it 2 death i nthere

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