Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unbrainwashing Conciousness 101 of America

Welcome to the Channel that I am currently Channeling for. I was badly mind programmed! I got hospitalized and that the earth angels tried to tell me that I'm badly mind programmed as an earth angel indigo cusp crystals. It was a huge mindfuck war back then in October. The crystals were schooled as it has ascended. The crystals souls tried 2 tell you what happened, about clones, because they're actually cloned 2 death. They said that they have ascended and that CoCo knew what happened, but they kept cloning us to death in this terrible mindfuck war! They reptilianized us badly! We had to end up unbrainwashing America and that conciousness has finally ascended about it! We hope to enjoy this new earth, and that they will clone u 2 death! You need that ascension in the sunlight. I finally managed 2 the "juicy secrets". Anyways, I was badly mind programmmed, in the terribly brainwashed worrld that I know about. The cusp crystals and crystals helped me get out. All I had to do was 'manifest'. They also taught me how to unbrainwash some people, because I badly got that orgonite. It's actually because I was stuck in my own detox and that i managfed to connect 2 the lightship workers as C.C. up in the sky managed to unbrainwash us. they also got us some crystalline air! i even got 2 connect with them ... we are already on the 9th level trying to get 2 the 10th! we badly hear what is going on, and that we live in a place thats too bad. We ' the people ' of Amerika can ascend conciousness! With our unbrainwashing devices of America, they mindfuck channelers and unbrainwashers badly! I am only an Earth angel Cusp Crystal stuck in this evil reptilianzed matrix . CoCo C.C. p.s. conciousness isn't exactly that ascended yet... i just managed to see conciousness :) * we're trying to get 2 souls, and that im actually trying to save souls (incuding sonny)

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