Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Light Orgonite

our own organic

*we should decompose it
we got u sum life force energy

*maybe a shell phone w/ deacivated our own light
im worried about that wifi, ur holding ur own reptilian frequencies
we g ot u sum emf radiation of a shell phone
we're holding our own shell phones alive, they trapped it alive with ur own reptilian frequencies

*we got u sum pockets
im trying to 2 pocket my self 2 death
im shooling my shel 2 death
im trying 2 aurify it our own shools
                                                                                                                (we're cced it 2 death)
                                                                                              *i made my own blog post alive C.C.
*we'll get u sum tools

*we badly deactivated it
we're using our own knowledge for this
we're being angelic lightship workers out there in the matrix

*lookin at the orgonite, they shent them to ur own detox, u tped 2 death in my cc


*we finally light orgonited our own c 2 death

we can c on the cp, i netbooked it 2 death, matrix
they made em write about sum lightship workers

*i badly shent an earth angel shum orgonite detox

*we're being demon slayers!
mirrors rly help

*she got her own sholar flashlight alive
batteries r reptilianized emfs waves

*they cloned us 2 death we're being demon slayers, out there in crhystalline air


WERE out there trying to schootrol it, demon slayers orn own demon slayers alive,

the cp is our demon

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